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Thailand issues 10-year visa for wealth retirees

thailand immigrationAccording to news in Thai media, 10-year retirement visa which was announced last November just became available on August 11. No information about the new visa could be found on the immigration website yet.

The 10-year retirement visa can be issued for foreigners from 14 countries who meet set conditions. The 14 countries are: Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Finland, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Canada.

The 10-year visa requires a minimum bank guarantee of THB3 million, which must be deposited in a bank and remain at the stipulated cash level without withdrawals for three months prior to filing papers.

There is a THB10.000 processing fee for the visa application.

The standard 1-year visa for retirees requires them to have funds in the bank of THB800.000 as a guarantee.

Applicants must undergo a screening process to ensure they do not have pending criminal convictions or face charges in their home countries.

Source: TTR Weekly, Khao Sod English



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