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UK plans visa-free travel for EU citizens

Britain is considering allowing European Union citizens to travel freely to the country after Brexit. Although EU nationals would be free to visit the U.K., they would have to apply for permission under the proposals to work, study or settling there.

uk border passport control

EU nationals would be able to live in the U.K. after Brexit, but a permits system would limit the number of them allowed to work. The Home Office said plans have yet to be finalized and will be published “within weeks.”

According to The Times, the new system for EU visitors will be phased in after Britain officially leaves the EU in March 2019, with those coming to work in the UK initially having to register with the Home Office without work restrictions.

It would be up to the EU to decide whether the offer of visa-free travel - if it is formally proposed by the UK Brexit negotiating team - would be reciprocated.

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