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PATA strengthens partnership with STR

pata logo whiteThe Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) has renewed its preferred partnership with STR, a data benchmarking and analytics specialist. With the partnership, PATA will benefit from STR’s reporting sample and marketplace insights, covering more than 8,700 hotels in the Asia Pacific region. In turn, STR will receive opportunities to drive further awareness of its range of products and services for hotels across the region.

“PATA is pleased to renew its partnership with STR,” said Halona Padiachy, PATA’s director of international partnerships. “In our efforts to continually raise standards for our members within the travel and tourism industry across the Asia Pacific region, the insights we will gain from STR will give us a much more comprehensive understanding of the market and allow us to improve the way we serve our members and the many stakeholders we work with throughout the region.”

“I’m very excited to continue this partnership between STR and PATA,” said Bernard Kee, STR’s regional manager for Southeast Asia. “This collaboration outlines strategic cooperation that reinforces the values of the Asia Pacific’s visitor economy and promotes the importance of data and analytics in the hotel industry. Together, we will set professional standards for the rest of the region to follow.”

“As more hotel operators continue to understand the benefits of using data and analytics to improve their strategies, the higher level of professionalism we will see across the region,” Kee said. “Through working with PATA, STR will receive many opportunities to educate businesses on the value of our data and how it can help them strategize and compete within their markets.”

“We are fully invested in helping more hotels and industry stakeholders across the region gain measurable, actionable insights from our data,” said Jesper Palmqvist, STR’s area director for the Asia Pacific region. “I am very pleased to continue working with PATA around the world, and I particularly look forward to jointly bolstering the educational progress in the accommodation sector across the region in a number of ways, such as involving the STR SHARE Center, as well as for more national tourism organizations to engage with our world-renowned data.”

STR’s data sample in the hotel industry comprises more than 58,000 hotels and 7.8 million hotel rooms around the world.

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