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World's Best Food Destinations in 2017

Neapolitan pizzaA new study reveals world's top 100 best food destinations in 2017. Here are the top 100 destinations to satisfy your food cravings.

Online catering marketplace, Caterwings, have released the 2017 Best Food Destinations Index, detailing the top 100 best food cities around the world.

Every city is fundamentally different, so it’s no mean feat comparing an oyster omelette in Penang to a salt beef bagel in New York. However, with food tourism as one of the fastest growing travel trends, cities all over the world are now vying for the accolade of best food destination. Caterwings commissioned this study, incorporating, among other factors, ratings from 20,000 food journalists and restaurant critics, to reveal the ultimate 100 best food destinations.

San Sebastian, Spain is the number one best food destination, with a diverse and affordable food scene, the best high-end restaurants and an excellent regard from food critics.

Tokyo, Japan ranks as the second best food destination, with a vast and diverse range of cuisine and history of outstanding high-end restaurants.

Istanbul, Turkey made the Best Food Destinations final list, coming in at rank number 89.

Here are the top 100 best cities for foodies.


For more details and rank according to each legend, visit the study's website

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