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Mauritius, Seychelles and Cape Verde are the most liberal Countries in Africa

Seychelles fromboatBeing trapped on an island may feel like a prison but in Africa, it's liberating. In the latest update of The Human Freedom Index, three African island nations topped the continent: Mauritius, Seychelles and Cape Verde.

However, do not get too excited. Mauritius may be number one in Africa but it is number 39 overall. The Human Freedom Index is a composite score that is based on statistics that measure economic and personal freedom. For freedom-loving Libertarians, this index sums up the best and worst countries to live in. It covers 159 of the world's 193 countries.

How did other countries fare in the Human Freedom Index? Switzerland earned the grand prize.

Here is how some Anglophone countries rank: New Zealand (3), Australia (5), the UK (9), Canada (11) and the United States (17).

Libya (158), Venezuela (158), and Syria (159) won the race to the bottom. In their defense, as noted earlier, North Korea, South Sudan, Somalia and Eritrea didn't compete.

The report was published by the Cato Institute, the Fraser Institute, and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

Source: Saint Ange Tourism Report

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