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Vilnius is Now Home to Two of the Three Best Restaurants in Baltics

Sweet Root Chef Justinas Misius

Foodies need to travel Vilnius again if they didn’t dine in these two following restaurants yet.

Nineteen 18 and Sweet Root are the two restaurants in Vilnius that have just received the Global Master Level Award by the prestigious White Guide Nordic.

The second and third place winners, Nineteen 18 and Sweet Root respectively, both take locally sourced products and authentic Lithuanian cuisine to the next level, one filled with passion and drama. Two other restaurants in Vilnius – Džiaugsmas and Telegrafas – are also among the top 30 restaurants in the Baltics creating a scene that continues to evolve through passion and drama.

“The fact that two of the three best restaurants in the Baltics are here in Vilnius is great news for us, especially since haute cuisine is important when choosing a travel destination. The developing culture of strong creative restaurants in Vilnius is a way to attract more visitors to Lithuania’s capital,” says Inga Romanovskiene, Director of Go Vilnius, the city’s dedicated tourism and development agency.

Professional food critics assessed the restaurants according to transparent evaluation criteria and used a 100-point scale. Up to 40 points were awarded for food, and 20 points awarded for each of the following: service, beverages, and setting/atmosphere. “A conservative gourmet might find the developments in the Baltics somewhat confusing. Far from a smooth road to success, the scene is passionate and dramatic, with great successes and equally public failures, grandiose openings and surprising closings. The golden age certainly continues for adventurous foodies,” states Aivar Hanson, publisher of the guide in the Baltics.

NOA Chef's Hall located in Tallinn, Estonia is ranked at the top place.

Full list of Top 30 Baltic restaurants of the year can be found here:

Photo shows: Sweet Root Chef Justinas Misius

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