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Want to be a travel blogger? Learn the steps to start a travel blog!

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Do you want to explore the world and convert traveling into your job? Every youngster who wants to move to new places and explore the world thinks of becoming a travel blogger.

At the time, when you have such thoughts, you might get confused or stressed as you don't have any such experience, but you really want to be a traveler. It doesn't matter if you have studied physics or accounts and have danced as a hobby or even if you don't have your own camera. 

Thinking about something new that you want to do or achieve makes you learn new skills, and you can also learn about bitcoin profit by checking visiting the trading platform here the website is back. Running towards your dream or aim is definitely life-changing, but you tend to learn many things by meeting new people. You might have heard or read many articles about travel blogs, each providing their own ideas and opinions. Your parents may be stopping you from doing this or thinking that there is no success or future in it. But there are many travel bloggers that are earning six-figure incomes per year and enjoying their life by exploring the world.



Let us move forward and know the steps that will help in starting a travel blog, which is as follows:

Search a name for a travel blog



This is one of the most difficult and challenging tasks to come up with a name for a travel blog of yours. You need to choose a name that you will be known for because changing it after getting fame or becoming famous is painstaking. You can choose a name that makes the best impression on your subscribers and make your travel blog successful. It is recommended to make an easy URL that is easy to remember.

Also, make sure that your website's name is available on all social media platforms, and this must be done before buying your domain.

Set up hosting

For beginners, setting up hosting isn't a difficult task. Hosting is basically a home for travel blogs of yours. You need to choose the best hosting company to allow them to make your site live in their hands. The live chat support option offered by some of the hosting companies is quite helpful. The support option must be friendly and helpful and must fix the issues of the domain in minutes.

Download and install WordPress

After signing up for hosting, you need to download and install WordPress. While you enter WordPress, you will be first asked to choose a theme and then start building your profile. It would be best if you chose whether your site is personal or business. Because you are starting a travel blog, you need to choose business and then fill in the necessary details.

Now you need to select a welcome page, but you can select the option of not now if things are not ready yet.

Log in to your website.

Now, after installing, the log-in page will appear; you need to enter your username and password. On the screen on the left-side, you can add important stuff that includes posts, pages, appearances, comments, plugins, settings, and more.

Find a proper theme

You are ready to make your site look eye-catchy. You can now personalize your website by choosing a theme and editing texts, and everything. There is a wide range of options available for themes, which include ThemeForest, Elegant, and many more. Once you find and purchase a theme, it's time to make your site ready by installing the theme. There are usually installation instructions that you need to follow while installing the theme.

Get a logo for your travel blog.

A banner or log is what will distinguish between you and other travel bloggers. But as a blogger, you must note that your content is important and not the logo. You need to provide ultimate and knowledgeable content to your subscribers, and after that, pay attention to the design or log of your travel blog. It is not crucial to invest a lot of money in getting the best logo, and instead, you concentrate on creating kickass content.  


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