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What to Pack for a Trip

trip packing

The world is huge. There are so many wonders to see and adventures to take that choosing the destination and planning your trip can be quite a challenge.

To make your preparations more enjoyable, you can think of them as a part of your adventure. Learn as much as you can about the place you are going to visit, check the local climate, plan each day of your trip and consider which items you will need.

Surely enough, your pack list will greatly depend not only on the clothes you like to wear but also on what place you are visiting and what kind of rest you prefer. If you are going to a warm country with astonishing beaches, a swimming suit is a must. If you love active rest and are heading somewhere cold, you might need several layers of warm clothes. Comfortable footwear is essential for long walks along beautiful beaches or charming city streets.

That said, there are items that most travellers bring with them irrespective of their destination. Allowing you to take pictures and videos of the places you visit, to find your location on a map and to connect with your family and friends whenever you need to, a smartphone is mandatory on a trip. If you work online, you may also need your laptop and other gadgets. And don’t forget to bring chargers for all these devices.

If you are going overseas, make sure to choose a portable adapter for travel that will allow you to use your electronics in any country of the world. In fact, because different countries often have different outlet types and voltages, without a universal plug adapter at hand, you may not be able to charge your phone, let alone other gadgets and appliances. Taking little storage space, this compact device can make a big difference indeed.



If you love listening to music or audiobooks and watching movies during a flight, make sure to bring your airphones. Portable and lightweight, an e-book will also make a wonderful travel companion. Plug adapters are usually equipped with an AC outlet and a couple of USB ports allowing you to timely recharge your phone, tablet, e-book and other gadgets. Depending on the max current level of your power adapter, you will be able to connect several devices simultaneously (make sure their added current doesn’t exceed the stated rate).

At home or on travel, daily oral hygiene is essential for your teeth health. If you prefer an electric toothbrush to a manual one, a power adapter will come in very useful for charging it during a long trip. Moreover, whether you want to bring along a hair clipper or a hair blower to keep your hair well-groomed at all times, you will be able to use them worldwide if you have a universal plug adapter.

As for the toiletries, soap, solid shampoos and air conditioners are more comfortable to carry around than shower gels and conventional shampoos that might spill all over your luggage. In case you prefer liquid toiletries, make sure to get travel-sized bottles to save space for other essentials like your deodorant, toothpaste, shaving kit and wet wipes.

Planning a trip to a hot sunny part of the world? You will surely need sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and a mosquito spray to keep irritating flying pests at bay. Meanwhile, lip balm will help to keep your lips moisturised and prevent them from cracking. Last but not the least, waterproof zip-top bags and a reusable water bottle will come in handy on any trip.


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