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How to Track Your Results in Online Casinos?

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We'll show you how to track your results in online casinos. Click here and learn how to win more by gambling online.

How to Track Your Results in Online Casinos: The Ultimate Manual

Once upon a time, a wise person said: it's not about winning, it's about having fun. Indeed it was a fun episode of SpongeBob SquarePants, where Plankton finally shows his true face. Though the song was extremely fun, the moral of the story reveals people’s true nature: no one likes losing. It's not just about participating; it's about winning. Case closed. Denny Crane.

The same goes for online gambling. The fact is, people expect to lose their money in a casino. However, that still doesn't mean they enjoy losing. Consequently, they search for different ways to increase their winning potential. How to track your results in online casinos is the question we hear the most.



Gambling is an extremely fast-paced and dynamic environment. And people measure their success based on different metrics. Some people count wins only; others prefer to compare the weight of their pockets before and after sessions. In the lines that cover, we'll show you the easiest way you track your stats and improve your gambling results in no time.

Increase Your Winning Potential

Relying on luck while gambling in a casino is probably not the best idea. At least in the long term. Though Lady Luck can indeed be a decisive factor at the tables, keep in mind casinos have a built-in advantage over players. It is a matter of time before the house edge will kick in and impact the outcome.



You can't sway house advantage to your favor. Instead, try to decrease the house advantage and try to play on the same level field. It may seem like a challenging task, but we assure you it's not impossible. If you wish to increase your chances of winning more in a casino, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Read more about the games' inner mechanics
  • Determine your budget
  • Learn how to track your results in online casinos

Talent doesn't win in online gambling. It's hard work, dedication, and perseverance that put you on the top.

Understanding Casino Games

Before you indulge in the vast world of gambling online, you should take into account the type of player you are. If you're driven by risk and like to play on the edge, you should look no further than progressive slots. It's those types of games that can make you a millionaire in a heartbeat but also burn your bankroll just as quickly.

If strategy is your thing, table games will provide you with enough excitement and suspense to keep you entertained for years. However, you can't hope to become rich overnight by playing such games. Instead, you should focus on winning frequently and building up your bankroll as you go.

Luckily, there are many online resources at your fingertips that can help you in making an educated decision. You can find a multitude of websites that examine the most popular casino games out there, being a good example. Read about each game thoroughly and choose the one that suits your style of play the most.

Determine Your Budget

This is the first step in answering the “How to track your results in online casinos?” question. You'll often encounter players who understand the math and odds behind casino games, but they're still unable to manage their budget correctly.

You must be wondering what budgeting has to do with tracking results. Well, if you're on a budget and somehow manage to burn it all, you're probably doing something wrong. Or, in other words, you're losing games. Your account balance can undoubtedly show the way you're performing. If you keep adding money to your gambling account, it means that you're not winning. This is the best indicator you need to change your approach.

Tracking Results in Online Casinos

Not paying attention to statistics is the most common mistake new casino players often make. This is primarily because most gambling novices believe tracking results while playing at a casino is challenging. But, in fact, it's rather simple. Keeping an eye on your gambling statistics will help you detect and analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

Ultimately, it'll make you a better player. Thus, besides budgeting, here's what you can or should do if you intend to keep records of your gambling sessions.

Setting a Loss Limit

This is great for both tracking your results in online casinos and keeping your bankroll under control. Before starting a gambling session, determine the amount of money you're ready to lose. Also, the best you can do is to stick with it, no matter what. Depending on the game, you'll spend more or less time playing.

How to track your result in online casinos? Write down how many hours you managed to play with your budget. The more hours you spend, the better your strategy is and vice-versa. Write down details like:

  • The game type
  • Size of your bet
  • Strategy (if you use one)
  • How many hours did your budget last

Analyze your behavior on the most successful days and try to mirror them. That way, you'll optimize your play and have more success in the future. On a side note, this could effectively detect or prevent gambling addiction.

Return Per Hour Ratio

This method of keeping a record of your results implies measuring your success per hour. What does that mean? Write down the exact amount you're ready to wager. Play for one hour and see how much you have on your account.

For example, imagine you want to bet €200 in one session. Now, let's say you've played for 4 hours. After the session, check your balance. If you have €300, that means you've won €100. Divide this number by 4, and you'll get €25 per hour. Beginners usually start with negative numbers. Your goal is to try to get as close to zero as possible. Once you’re in the black, it is a sign that you've finally progressed.

How to Track Your Results in Online Casinos and Profit From It?

Many people focus on tactics and strategy when looking to improve their gambling scores. The truth is, it takes much more work if you wish to become successful. Keeping records of your losses may seem like an endless maze. But, in reality, it does help. By implementing these few simple pieces of advice, you'll realize you have more control over your budget. Also, you would be able to detect and analyze bad plays. Ultimately, you'll eliminate all the negative aspects of your play and focus only on the positive ones.


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