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New Law to Grant Citizenship Rights to Overseas-Born Children of Malaysian Mothers


Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has revealed plans to introduce a new law aimed at granting citizenship to overseas-born children of Malaysian mothers.

Currently, Malaysian citizenship is automatically granted to children born abroad if their fathers are Malaysian, but this privilege does not extend to children born to Malaysian mothers.

The new regulation aims to rectify this disparity and ensure that Malaysian mothers are given equal rights under the country’s Federal Constitution. Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim made the announcement during a law conference held in Kuala Lumpur, where he emphasized the need for gender equality in matters of citizenship.



Speaking to reporters, Prime Minister Ibrahim stated, “It’s not fair to have just the father but not the mother. That is the only matter to be presented.” He further added that amendments would be made to the Federal Constitution to replace the phrase “whose father” with “at least one of the parents” in both Part I and Part II of the Second Schedule.

The proposed change will provide Malaysian mothers with the same rights as Malaysian fathers in determining their children’s citizenship. This move aligns with the principles of gender equality and seeks to address the existing gender bias in Malaysia’s citizenship laws.



Currently, Malaysian women face the dilemma of returning to Malaysia for childbirth to ensure their children are granted citizenship, while Malaysian men have the privilege of passing citizenship to their children regardless of their place of birth. The introduction of this new law will alleviate this burden and bring positive changes for Malaysian families.

The Malaysian government’s decision to introduce these amendments to the Federal Constitution signifies a progressive and inclusive step forward. By granting citizenship to overseas-born children of Malaysian mothers, the government seeks to uphold the constitutional rights of Malaysian women and promote gender equality.

This announcement has been well-received by various advocacy groups and Malaysian citizens alike, who applaud the government’s commitment to addressing gender disparities. Many believe that this change will further empower Malaysian women and strengthen the nation’s social fabric.

The proposed amendments will need to go through the legislative process before becoming law. It is not yet clear when the law will be officially passed, but Prime Minister Ibrahim’s commitment to implementing these changes is a promising sign for Malaysian mothers and their children.

The announcement by Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim regarding the introduction of a new law to grant citizenship to overseas-born children of Malaysian mothers reflects a progressive and inclusive approach. This move aims to rectify the gender bias in Malaysia’s citizenship laws and ensure equal rights for Malaysian mothers in determining their children’s citizenship.


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