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Dubai Presents Global Campaign

Dubai Campaign Features Hollywood Stars

Director’s Guild award-winning director Craig Gillespie films a series of six short trailer films as part of a new global campaign Dubai Presents featuring Hollywood stars Jessica Alba and Zac Efron.


The Primary Reason to Invest in Bitcoin

The recent increasing prices of cryptocurrencies have prompted many people to consider investing in them. Bitcoin is the most prominent cryptocurrency.

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What is the safest way to deposit in a casino?

Unlike online games, online casinos come with the risk of depositing and withdrawing money. Firstly you have to find a trustworthy gambling platform, a secured payment method, and a safe withdrawal method when you win.

Cambodia casino

The History of Gambling in Cambodia

Gambling has been around since people began to settle in groups. Ancient China provides the first definite evidence. Keno slips, a form of lottery currency, were used in China to pay governmental construction around 200 BC.

ANTOR Annual Conference 2021

ANTOR Celebrates its 70th Anniversary

The Association of National Tourist Offices (ANTOR) celebrated its 70th anniversary on 18 July 2021. ANTOR was founded in 1951 by 10 destinations, and today membership totals nearly 60 destinations.

Backpacker: The Ultimate Travel Game

The Top Travel Games

Going traveling is an increasingly popular leisure activity of people all around the world, in the 1950s there were 25 million international tourist visits and this figure has now grown exponentially to over 1.4 billion international tourist arrivals each year.


IBEA - New Culture and Tourism Association

For more than a year, professionals of great renown within the tourism, culture, gastronomy, and heritage industries have come together to create IBEA: the Iberoamerican Association for the Diffusion of Culture and Tourism.

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Things you can do while traveling not to get bored

Do you also feel bored while traveling alone? Or do you like to do something to keep you occupied while you travel? If you just nodded your head up and down, then this article is about solving your problem.

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