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You can experience complete comfort, able to watch the stunning Swiss scenery and charming landscapes without ever wondering if you’re going the right track at even more affordable prices. Rail Europe announced special spring promotion for its Swiss train tours. Here are the details of the promotion and best cities to visit in Switzerland by train.

Rail Europe is offering you an exclusive deal for Swiss scenic trains. Use coupon code: SCENICRES and get 20% off reservations on the following trains: Glacier Express, GoldenPass, Bernina Express & Wilhelm Tell Express.

You can also get 20% off a 3, 4, 8 or 15 day first class Swiss Travel e-pass with coupon code SWISSEPASS20. You just need to book by May 28, 2015. It is valid for travel by June 30, 2015. You will get free access to over 480 Swiss museums. This rail pass provides unlimited travel on the Swiss Travel System including trains, buses and boats.

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Here are the best cities to visit in Switzerland by train

1. Geneva
Geneva is one of the most affluent cities in the world and is just over three hours from Paris on the high-speed TGV.

2. Zurich
Zurich’s main station, Zurich Hauptbahnhof, is one of the busiest in the world due to its central location. It has a lower level mall that’s home to over 200 stores and above ground you’ll find the fancy-pants Bahnhofstrasse Paradeplatz. It is one of the most expensive and expansive designer streets in the world.

3. Bern
Bern is the capital of Switzerland and the quintessential Swiss city. From Zurich Airport, you can take the train to Bern in just 75 minutes. Once off the train, you’ll find the Old Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, within walking distance. Enjoy the Clock Tower, a famous meeting place, as well as one of the longest covered shopping promenades in Europe.

4. Lucerne
Lucerne is popular with its natural beauty, sophisticated culture, athleticism that includes rowing regattas, golf courses and equestrian events and with its local markets.

5. Interlaken
At over 11,000 feet up, at the “Top of Europe” you will enjoy Switzerland’s most expansive and breathtaking scenic experience.

6. The Ticino region
The Ticino region is so close to Italy, people here speaks Italian. It is known as the Mediterranean heart of Switzerland. You can visit Bellinzona and immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere of its three castles, a Unesco Heritage site. It is also just an hour and a half from Milan.

7. Lugano
Lugano offers the Swiss visitor a great variety of landscapes and different ways to enjoy it. Let’s start with the serene and sublime Wilhelm Tell Express. It begins with a lunch cruise on Lake Lucerne, followed by a train trip ending at Bellinzona in the Ticino region. You even have the option of traveling on to Locarno or Lugano.

8. Zermatt
Zermatt is home of the world famous Matterhorn. To visit the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, you’ll need to take the Matterhorn–Gotthard–Bahn Railway, a private railway that is covered by your Swiss Pass. Zermatt is also the beginning (or end) of the incredible Glacier Express–the “world’s slowest express train.” This 7½-hour journey on a panoramic train travels straight through the Swiss Alps, passing through 90 tunnels and over nearly 300 bridges.

9. Montreux
Montreux is famous for many things, including its famous Montreux Jazz Festival that takes place in early July every year. With the Chocolate Train, you can have a fantastic day trip from Montreux to Broc and back; takes you to the Nestle factory and the Gruyères cheese factory.

10. Lausanne
Befitting the headquarters for the International Olympic Committee, Lausanne is a renowned destination for sports enthusiasts and olympic torchbearers. Just over two hours by rail from both Lucerne and Zurich, and only 40 minutes from Geneva, you’ll find the newly reopened Olympic Museum, as well as the stunning Cathedral of Lausanne.


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