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Trains crash in southern Italy

italy train crash0716At least 20 people have died and 18 injured when two passenger trains collided in southern Italy.

The incident happened near the regional capital of Bari on a stretch of track between the towns of Ruvo di Puglia e Corato on the Bari North line, Italian news agency Ansa reported.

The collision is said to have taken place in the middle of an olive grove. An aerial image showed train carriages smashed and crumpled by the head-on crash, with debris spread out on either side of the track and people are still being pulled from the wreckage.

The trains were carrying many commuters and university students.

Investigators are looking into the cause of the disaster, but say it might have been down to human error. One of the trains was supposed to wait for a green light before heading down the track.

Source: Agencies

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