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Deadly train crash in north-western Spain

spain train crash sept9 2016 reutersphotoAt least four people have been killed and 49 hurt in a train derailment in Galicia in north-western Spain. The train between the city of Vigo and Porto, in Portugal, was carrying 63 passengers and two crew members, including the driver, state-run railway operator Renfe said.

Spanish media reported the driver was among those killed. Television footage from the accident, which happened just before 9.30 am (0730 GMT), showed the train’s front carriage flipped onto its side and rammed up against an electricity pylon next to the track.

The crash took place close to a station. In 2013, 80 people were killed in Spain’s worst rail disaster in decades when a high-speed train went off the tracks and slammed into a wall near Santiago de Compostela, in Galicia.

In Friday's crash the train apparently hit part of a bridge, El Pais newspaper reported. A photo showed that the train had also struck a signalling tower next to the line.

Source: Reuters

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