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New Railroad to connect Iran with Afghanistan

railway2mountainsThe Iran Railway Company announced that a new railroad will connect Iran with Afghanistan in 2018. The rail project has reached the borderline with Afghanistan though the remaining part, which resides in the soil of the neighboring country, is expected to be accomplished by the end of the upcoming year.

Deputy Head of the company for Operation Affairs Hossein Ashouri said that one key measure at Iran’s Railways was to strengthen bonds with neighboring states as well as completion of missing links in rail transit; “since the past, Iran’s railway has been connected to Turkmenistan through Sarakhs as well as to Turkey through Razi border and also to Pakistan through Mirjaveh.

“In recent years, we joined Turkmenistan through Incheboron, as the second boundary point, while we will connect to Azerbaijan through Astara border within three months.”

According to estimations, the line will boost the volume of trade between Iran and Afghanistan as it currently stands at US$2 million a year and it will reach to US$6 million.

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