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Amtrak begins Renewal at New York Penn Station

NY Penn station tracksAmtrak’s next series of track renewal projects in New York Penn Station may create some disruptions at travels as some train routes are cancelled and some schedules are revised.

Great Western Railway announces brand new trains

Great Western Railway’s brand new Intercity Express Train came into service last week, marking the next stage in the biggest fleet upgrade on the Great Western in 40 years.

GWR new trains

Japan’s Keihan Electric Railway introduces premium service

Keihan Electric Railway provides rail services in Osaka, Kyoto and Shiga Prefectures. The company launched a new “Premium Car” service which offers designated seating through advanced booking. Limited express trains run out of seats due to the large number of passengers, but the Premium Car features reserved seating so you can be sure you will have a seat.

Keihan railway premiumcar

Siemens and France's high-speed train maker Alstom merge for railway market

siemens alstomSiemens and France's high-speed train maker Alstom have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to combine Siemens' mobility business including its rail traction drives business, with Alstom. The transaction brings together two innovative players of the railway market with unique customer value and operational potential.

Dunkin’ Donuts Hot Coffee Service available on Amtrak trains

Dunkin’ Donuts and Amtrak expand their partnership by offering Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend and Dunkin’ Decaf hot coffee on board Amtrak Northeast Regional trains. The newest phase of this partnership follows the successful April launch of Dunkin’ Donuts hot coffee on board Amtrak Acela Express high-speed trains throughout the Northeast Corridor.

dunkin donuts amtrak coffee

Top train trip routes

Train trips are among the top travel trends this year. Taking an epic train trip can help you unwind. There are cool train routes in the world and some of them include the following.


Russian Railways carry over 100 million passengers in July 2017

russian trainsAccording to the latest figures, more than 102.3 million passengers were transported on the infrastructure of Russian Railways in July 2017, up 7.4% from the same month in 2016. Suburban passenger numbers amounted to 89.7 million, an increase of 8.6%, while long-distance passengers fell to 12.6 million, a decline of 0.2%.

Explore Korea easier with the KORAIL PASS

KORAIL is making it easier than ever for tourists and internationals living in Korea to explore the country! Foreigners can purchase a KORAIL PASS, valid for a specific duration, and freely travel all over Korea on all trains within the pass’s activated period.

Korail pass

Amtrak and Lyft partner to ease travel

As the most trips don’t start or end at an Amtrak station, Amtrak and Lyft announced rideshare partnership to make it easier to go more places.

Lyft Amtrak

More travelers prefer Via Rail during Canada Day celebrations

via rail canada logoVIA Rail Canada (VIA Rail) trains transported more than 93,000 travelers celebrating Canada Day between June 29 and July 5, a 10% increase compared to 2016. Over seven days, the passengers travelled a cumulative distance of 40 million kilometers, the equivalent of circling the Earth 1,000 times.

New high-speed rail lines link Bordeaux and Rennes

SNCF TGVFrance inaugurated two new high-speed rail lines on Saturday July 1, linking the capital to the western cities of Bordeaux and Rennes. The state-owned SNCF railway operator expects 35,000 passengers to use the new route to Bordeaux daily and 30,000 to use the line to Rennes.

Travel with the Walla Walla Wine Train

Walla Walla has long been known as friendly town set in the heart of Washington's wine country, but getting there can be a challenge. Not anymore! The Walla Walla Wine Train by InquisiTours just made visiting a lot simpler.

Amtrak train tour

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