Pegasus Airlines PWA Windsurfing World Cup Champions Announced

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The PWA Windsurfing World Cup, sponsored by Pegasus Airlines for the seventh year running, came to a close at the weekend with its final races when 93 windsurfers (64 men, 29 women) from 29 countries competed for the Cup.

windsurfOf these 21 were Turkish windsurfers, comprising 11 men and 10 women.

The champions for the PWA Windsurfing World Cup have been announced as Antoine Albeau for the mens and Sarah Quita Offringa for the womens category. The full results of the mens races in the Alacati leg of the PWA Windsurfing World Cup, which lasted all week, are as follows: 1st Antoine Albeau (France), 2nd Alberto Menegatti (Italy) and 3rd Julien Quentel (France). Of the Turkish windsurfers participating, Bora Kozanoglu was 22nd, Enes Yilmaz 37th, Ertugrul Icingir 39th, Poyraz Akay 47th, Pamir Sackan 51st, Ozfer Uralp 53rd andKaan Kayin 57th. In joint 60th place were Sarp Kuscu and Sinan Gerzile and in joint 62nd Sarp Atay and Berk Kayin. The surfers in the top three positions were presented with their awards by Deputy Head of the Turkish Sailing Federation, Engin Kalafatoglu.

In the womens category Sarah Quita Offringa (Aruba) was named champion, with Delphine Cousin (France) in 2nd and Cagla Kubat in 3rd position. Pegasus Airlines' Assistant General Manager Guliz Ozturk presented the women's awards, with Turkish surfer Cagla Kubat waving the Turkish flag as she received her award for third place.

Turkish women windsurfers taking place also included Dilara Uralp in 6th, Lena Aylin Erdil 7th, Fulya Unlu 9th, Melek Toroman 10th, Burce Vardarli 13th, Ceren Yaman 16th, Deniz Sekercioglu 17th, Lara Bilem 21st and Yasemin Alara Baykent in 22nd.

Turkish windsurfer Cagla Kubat was 4th overall in the PWA Windsurfing World Cup

The final races of the two-leg race in the womens category, which began in South Korea on 4 May, were held in Alacati. The womens world champion for the 2013 PWA Windsurfing World Cup was also named after the Alacati races. The womens world champion was Delphine Cousin (France), receiving her award from Head of Alacati Municipality Muhittin Dalgic. In 2nd place was Valerie Arrighetti and in 3rd Karin Jaggi (Switzerland), with their awards presented by Head of the Turkish Sailing Federation Ahmet Gencturk and General Manager of IzAir Gurol Yuksel respectively.

The Turkish women windsurfers all took their places in the top 10: while Cagla Kubat ranked 4th, Dilara Uralp was 6th, Lena Erdil was 7th and Ceren Yaman was 8th. A prize money of €55,000 was shared by the winners of the PWA Windsurfing World Cup.

Antoine Questel (mens) and Delphine Cousin (womens) received Pegasus' special award for speed

For the first time in the PWA Windsurfing World Cup's Alacati races, the speediest windsurfers were rewarded by Pegasus Airlines. Windsurfers' racing speeds were measured via GPS devices attached to their arms in the final races in order to identify the speediest woman and speediest man surfer.

The speediest male windsurfer was found to be Antoine Questel with a speed of 68km/h and the speediest female Delphine Cousin at 49km/h. Of the Turkish surfers, Dilara Uralp recorded 49km/h while Lena Erdil reached 44km/h. Each of the speediest windsurfers received €1000 in prize money, which was presented by Pegasus Airlines' General Manager Sertac Haybat.

The champion in the mens category will be established in Sylt in November when the fourth and final leg of the races is held, the third having been completed in Alacati.

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