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SAS becomes main partner for Sweden’s Paralympic Committee

SAS becomes main partner for Sweden’s Paralympic Committee

SAS has today signed an agreement with Sweden’s Paralympic Committee (SPK) regarding a partnership ahead of the upcoming Paralympic Games in Tokyo in August 2020.

The partnership will mean that the Paralympic team will fly to Japan with SAS and that SPK, together with SAS, will be one of the hosts for the “House of Scandinavia”, a meeting place for Scandinavian representatives, media and ambassadors during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The initiative means that SAS will support the Paralympic team in Sweden on their journey to the Paralympic Games.

“The Paralympic Games is one of the many ways in which SAS can boost the Scandinavian voice at home and across the world. Values such as respect for the individual and friendship across borders are strong in Scandinavia and something shared by SAS. Cross border meetings create the conditions for sustainable development in society. Meeting, exchanging experiences and sharing values makes the world better, something that travel, and aviation make possible,” says Karl Sandlund, EVP & Chief Commercial Officer.

The agreement with Sweden’s Paralympic Committee means that SAS is now Olympic and Paralympic partner in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

“We believe that the partnership between SAS and the Scandinavian Paralympic Committees is breaking new ground, setting examples for the future. As the “Proud Carrier of Scandinavian Paralympic Athletes”, SAS is clearly setting store by Sweden’s Paralympic team’s performance and the Paralympic Games itself.  The partnership with SAS gives the team the opportunity to benefit from the best possible travel experience to Tokyo,” says Johan Strid, General Secretary for Sweden’s Paralympic Committee.

SAS is already in a unique, cross border partnership with the three Scandinavian Olympic committees (DIF, NIF and SOK)* and is the main partner for the Scandinavian Olympic committees ahead of and during the Summer Olympics in Tokyo 2020 and Winter Olympics in Peking 2022.