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Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping Takes Place Near Eiffel Tower in Paris

Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping

The Longines Global Champions Tour – Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping is celebrating its 9th anniversary in 2023 on the Champ de Mars, near the Eiffel Tower.

Simon Delestre took first place in the Turkish Airlines (THY) awards in the Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping on June 23.

The Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping events at the Paris leg of the Longines Global Champions Series in Equestrian started on the Champs de Mars area overlooking the Eiffel Tower.



Turkish competitors Omer Karaevli and Efe Siyahi also participated in the first competition sponsored by THY.

After the individual competition, THY awards found their owners.



The award was given to French Simon Delestre, who came first in the competition, by Turkey's Paris Consul General, Serdar Belentepe.

The award was presented to Jodie Hall McAteer of Great Britain, who took the second place, by Omer Faruk Sonmez, THY's Southern Europe Sales Vice President, and to the French Edward Levy, who came in third, by Hasan Hamdan, General Manager of THY Paris.

The event will last until June 25. (AA)


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