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ARTOTELGroup Partners with RANS Sport to Support Indonesian Football and Basketball Clubs

ARTOTELGroup Partners with RANS Sport

ARTOTELGroup, a prominent player in the Indonesian hospitality industry, has announced a collaboration with RANS Nusantara Football Club (RFC) and RANS PIK Basketball Club (RPC), two leading football and basketball clubs in Indonesia.

This partnership marks a significant milestone for ARTOTELGroup as it becomes the official accommodation partner for RFC & RPC from July 2023 to October 2024.

As a company focused on the Indonesian hospitality sector and the embodiment of today’s lifestyle, ARTOTELGroup has undertaken a new breakthrough by offering its hotels as the preferred accommodation choice for athletes. The hotels within the ARTOTELGroup network will provide dedicated rooms and food and beverage facilities to support the welfare and health of the athletes. Under this collaboration program, ARTOTELGroup will supply various hotel facilities for RFC and RPC athletes during matches held in cities where the ARTOTELGroup hotels are located. These cities include Jakarta, Tangerang, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, and Bali. The collaboration will span one season, with RFC from July 2023 to April 2024 and RPC from September 2023 to October 2024.



Eduard Rudolf Pangkerego, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of ARTOTELGroup, expressed his excitement about this historic collaboration, highlighting the company’s contribution to the Indonesian sports industry. The provision of comprehensive facilities, including comfortable and clean rooms equipped with food and beverage options tailored to athletes’ healthy diets, aims to enhance the welfare of the athletes and elevate the achievements of RFC and RPC, positioning them as the most reliable football and basketball clubs in Indonesia.

Raffi Ahmad, a well-known Indonesian actor and entrepreneur, also shared his enthusiasm for the partnership between ARTOTELGroup and RANS Nusantara FC (RFC) and RANS PIK Basketball Club (RPC). Raffi Ahmad, who is involved with RANS Sport, expressed his desire to ensure comfort, enthusiasm, and joy for all RANS athletes. The superior facilities provided by ARTOTELGroup aim to enhance the athletes’ performance and enable them to achieve even greater success.



Through this collaboration, both ARTOTELGroup and RANS Sport aspire to advance the sports industry in Indonesia. The partnership aims to foster the development of high-quality athletes who will bring pride to the Indonesian people. By providing top-notch facilities and support, ARTOTELGroup and RANS Sport are committed to furthering the growth and success of Indonesian football and basketball on both domestic and international stages.

The collaboration between ARTOTELGroup and RANS Sport represents a perfect synergy between two entities dedicated to providing athletes with the best possible environment and support. With the backing of ARTOTELGroup, RFC and RPC athletes can expect to train and compete under optimal conditions, ultimately driving their performance to new heights and achieving remarkable results. The collaboration between ARTOTELGroup and RANS Sport showcases their shared vision for the advancement of Indonesian sports and the development of exceptional athletes who can leave a lasting impact on their respective sports.


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