Abacus PowerSuite the Most Preferred Front-Mid-Back Office Solution

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AEG Travel Services, travel partner of American Express and Pakistan’s largest Travel Management Company (TMC), has reached key milestones in its technology enhancements in productivity, profitability and service excellence, aligning the company further with the global expectations placed on the customer service level of American Express Global.

AEG Pakistan, which completed its full conversion to the Abacus platform last year, was able to leverage the Abacus PowerSuite integrated front-, mid- and back-office solution to centralise its database, minimise manual input and introduce appropriate corporate approval workflow and processes to benefit their corporate customers. The solution by Abacus, Asia Pacific’s leading provider of travel solutions and services, is part of Abacus’ suite of agency solutions developed to automate and integrate the entire range of travel agency operations and to deliver increased productivity and cost efficiencies.

This was most evident with the implementation of the Abacus PowerSuite auto-sales folder, which reduces the need for manual input and has literally eliminated thousands of errors created through manual workflow on the previous system. The Abacus PowerSuite sales folder is automatically created on ticket issuance and serves as a central Folder generates customer statements or other accounting department activities automatically.

“We at AEG Pakistan have been pleasantly surprised with the transition to Abacus PowerSuite over the past year,” said Mr Syed Saleemuddin Ahmad, CEO and Chairman, AEG Pakistan.

“Although the transition and trainings have been challenging at times, it has been well worth the investment. We were astounded with the number of errors we eliminated and with the integration across all our office locations.”

The Abacus PowerSuite implementation included a single, centralised database for all three AEG Pakistan locations of Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. Moving from three distinct databases previously, the consolidation has improved access to information for employees and reduced the duplication of configuration and management.

In addition, Abacus PowerSuite introduced smoother workflow in accordance with local accounting practices and regulatory compliance. Abacus PowerSuite has facilitated the introduction of appropriate approval and authorisation workflows, for tight operational and financial control and improved business performance.

“I am pleased to see very clearly how the Abacus Advantage is helping our partner AEG Pakistan to make great strides in the market,” said Mr Brett Henry, Vice President Commercial and Marketing, Abacus International. “The Abacus Advantage is all about leadership, and we constantly strive to provide our customers and partners with the best tools and technology available in order to ultimately gain profitability for them. We look forward to a continued relationship with AEG Pakistan and believe it will continue to be very fruitful for both companies."

AEG Pakistan and Abacus are currently in discussion to further tap on Abacus' solutions for increased productivity, with full, seamless integration on front-, mid- and back-office processes of Abacus PowerSuite with Abacus' next generation point-of-sale solution, Abacus WorkSpace.

Other solutions AEG Pakistan is currently using include Abacus VirtuallyThere and Abacus Mobile.

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