The Pacifica Chamber of Commerce unveils new Mobile App

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The Pacifica Chamber of Commerce has just introduced the free iPacifica app for the coastal city of Pacifica, a beachfront playground just south of San Francisco.

This new endeavor is the product of a partnership between the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center and Magellan award-winning app developer Phondini Partners.

“As a Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center, we have two important objectives,” comments Courtney Conlon, CEO of the Pacifica Chamber. “First, we want to let travelers, tourists and nearby residents know what a beautiful place Pacifica is and how much fun they can have here, in this San Francisco beachfront playground. Conlon continues, “We also want to promote our own local businesses and give them a platform to showcase their unique assets to locals and visitors.”

The iPacifica app is full of useful features: a community event calendar, real-time driving times; information about the new free weekend shuttle; suggestions for outdoor adventurers; guides to beaches, parks and trails; information about accommodations; dining options; and a state-of-the-art surf forecast, tide tables and weather/marine forecasts. The local directory can be conveniently sorted by name or distance and maps display the nearest beaches, restaurants and gas stations.

“iPacifica is everything you need, all in one convenient app, to fully enjoy what Pacifica has to offer,” said Joe Falcone, Founder, CTO & Managing Partner of Phondini Partners.

iPacifica is available immediately as a free download for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch at the Apple iTunes App Store and for Android phones and tablets at the Google Play Store and the Amazon AppStore.

Background: Pacifica. California

The natural beauty and unparalleled serenity of Pacifica, California has attracted travelers to this coastal gem for more than 100 years. Located just 15 minutes south of San Francisco, Pacifica feels worlds away but is convenient to some of the most vibrant, international communities on the West Coast. Easily accessible from Highway 1, Pacifica’ rich cultural heritage and bohemian personality make it a unique destination worth discovering.

Pacifica’s ethereal beauty is enhanced by its Mediterranean style weather. Refreshing temperatures range from 15-20 degrees cooler than the central coast, drawing visitors to Pacifica’s shoreline to ‘cool’ off during the hot summer months with its natural air-conditioning and attractive oceanfront accommodations. Likewise, Pacifica’s equally-appealing winter travel season provides a dramatic setting for those interested in off-season values and romantic departures.

Of the many diversions, Pacifica boasts some of the most breathtaking panoramic vistas atop a wide range of hiking trails and walking adventures along the expansive beaches dotting the destination’s shoreline. Additionally, the destination features a range of recreational options, including surfing, boating, scuba, fishing and paragliding, birding, cycling, golf, tennis, archery and horseback riding.

According to the National Marine Sanctuaries of the West Coast, Pacifica is known to be the fourth richest area in the world for marine mammal life.

For more information about the destination of Pacifica, California, please visit

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