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Pintrips, a new online tool that sits above flight search, announces its prime time debut as the first cross platform travel tool that allows business and leisure travelers to “pin” and see flights they’ve found across the web in one spot and share them publicly or privately – with automatic real time price and availability updates, no matter what site the flight was found on.

Pintrips leverages what’s spread out on the internet, making comparing and finding ideal flights and deals easier than it’s ever been. Instead of time consuming and memory-challenging flight comparisons on multiple windows, the Pintrips platform uniquely allows consumers to compare deals, itineraries and choices in new ways; apples to apples or apples to oranges. For example, compare different date pairs to the same destination to see when better deals are available, compare different destinations such as deals to Montego Bay versus deals to Aruba, Paris versus Barcelona with absolute ease.

According to PhoCusWright’s “Consumer Travel Report Fourth Edition,” deal obsessed consumers frantically search and re-search with more than 80% of consumers checking multiple sites to make sure they are getting a good deal. Forty three percent of travelers are frustrated by at least one factor, 13% wish they could compare multiple destinations and 21% complain they have to go through too much information, says the PhoCusWright’s “Empowering Inspiration: The Future of Travel Search” report of February 2012.

Pintrips Founder and CEO, Stephen Gotlieb said, “We’re introducing something the internet couldn’t do on its own, and we’re expecting frequent travelers to recognize the benefits with the first board they create, especially since Google research shows that consumers make 12 online searches, visit 22 sites, and take 29 days from initial search to book.” He conceived of Pintrips when he and his family spent 8 hours planning a flight itinerary from Tel-Aviv to San Francisco and believes that flight crowd-sourcing is at its infancy, with Pintrips dashboards leading the way. Pintrips was thus designed to allow people to deal shop and itinerary seek without changing their behavior and the sites they like, but eliminating the need to revisit multiple airline and search sites or re-enter information.

When you find an airfare or itinerary you like, add it to Pintrips with a simple click on the pin button located next to each flight (easy-to-see pin buttons appear for each flight on flight-searching sites and airline sites). Pintrips will continuously track price changes for you after pinning, allowing you to compare deals and itineraries you’ve found with no extra work. No need to save or cut and paste links,   anyone you’ve shared a Pintrips board with can add their own pinned flights to the same board and make comments right on the board for easy communication between work colleagues or travel companions.   The collaboration on any single Pintrips board brings the benefits of crowd sourcing famed reviews to crowd sourcing finding flights.

Newly available “public pinning boards” provide a fast track to pinning by providing the latest pins from the community as well as latest deals, demonstrate the first crowd-sourcing of flights where users are empowered to post deals and itineraries and make them publicly accessible to anyone searching that itinerary or city pair.

Pintrips eliminates what have become the too familiar hassles of typing in search criteria over and over on each travel site: wasting time checking and re-checking sites for the latest fare; and long email threads with co-workers, friends, and family trying to coordinate plans.  

Pinning capability is currently available on these airline sites: American, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, United, US Air and Virgin America; and these search sites: Google, Expedia, Kayak and Orbitz. New sites are being added every month and users can request additional sites through the platform.

Pintrips will continue to enhance its product to make planning even easier. Coming next: mobile and tablet apps; and more “pinnable” travel sites.

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