Congress Rental Network (CRN), world’s leading network of technical meeting specialists, will be conducting for the fourth consecutive year the Bosch-CRN Certification process to the entire technical crew of the network.

CRN’s view on the education has been strong over the past years and this is why in co-operation with Bosch they have established almost 4 years ago the Bosch-CRN Certification. This was done to validate the education that technicians receive in order to operate the latest technology they have available in hand!

At the moment the network has among its membership more than 100 certified technicians, making a clear point to the market that education is one of the criteria in order to become and remain a CRN member.

Panagiotis Podimatas, CRN Chairperson and Managing Director of PC Podimatas SA in Greece, commented: “Having around four training courses throughout the year, in order to give the opportunity to all members to attend and another one on line testing period, we aim to prove that the education of our technical crew is vital to the services we provide. Having Bosch as our Business Partner in regards to congress and SI equipment, we are also given the opportunity to access not only high-end equipment, but also get the actual training itself from the people who created the technology we use!”