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Google Glass Assisted Hotel Check-in

Itesso, the global innovator in Cloud-native hospitality technology, announces that a Google Glass assisted hotel check-in solution is currently in development, and will be demonstrated at HITEC 2014 in Los Angeles, June 24-26.

google-glass-wThis revolutionary new proof of concept solution is designed to maximize efficiency, functionality and convenience during the hotel guest check-in experience. Itesso's Google Glass assisted check-in leverages the most advanced technologies available, integrating them into a best-in-class solution with the potential to redefine the industry's protocol for the guest check-in operation.

Designed to be used in conjunction with the Cloud-native Itesso Enterprise Lodging System (ELS), Google Glass assisted check-in is the company's latest innovation, allowing hotel staff to recognize a guest as they walk up to the front desk. This is accomplished by simply comparing a Google Glass-taken photo with that of the individual's profile picture on file or publically available on sites such as LinkedIn. Once the guest's identity is confirmed, a simple voice command then completes the check-in process.

"While Google Glass is still undergoing open beta-testing, the number of Glass explorers is continuously growing, thanks to a virtually infinite list of possibilities and applications that such a platform may enable," said Bas Blommaart, Itesso's Chairman and CTO. "With regard to the hospitality industry, Itesso has adapted Google Glass to finally offer functionality that has long been sought after: the ability to recognize guests before they even have the opportunity to reveal their name."



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