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E-commerce giants like Ebay and Amazon may dominate selling merchandise online but now there is a revolutionary ‘smart selling’ platform with white label mobile app that connects travel companies to people. It delivers these powerful marketplace capabilities to tour operators, hotels, airlines, OTA’s and travel agencies to sell relevant products and services directly to their customers before, during and right after their trip.

The revolutionary ‘smart selling’ platform with white label mobile app is announced by Epteca which is trusted by hundreds of travel partners and vendors. Epteca is offering thousands of carefully hand-selected products and services, and has already impressed millions of happy customers. Acting as a GDS for ancillary offerings, Epteca curates hundreds of fragmented 3rd party offerings from countless product and service categories. The proprietary smart algorithms match the context and intent to predict what travelers need based on factors like location, destination, preferences and much more. From beachwear and adapters to transportation and destination services, there are thousands of options available in the dynamic catalogue, but only the top 3-4 that serve the customer’s needs best are presented at any given time – less is more.

Studies show that 3rd party ancillary sales will grow ten times faster than general sales in travel and that 79% of travelers want to be offered relevant products and services by their travel supplier after the booking. Epteca's Marketplace Platform is a fully managed end-to-end solution delivering results by enabling travel companies to contextualize relevant ancillary offerings when and where customers need them.

•   No investment or running costs for travel companies

•   Up-and-running in just a few weeks

•   Monetizes "long tail" ancillaries

•   Increases customer satisfaction and positive brand image

Unlike most travel marketing campaigns focused on sending the same message to everyone, Epteca’s dynamic and informative multi-channel white-label communications via app, text, and email are personalized, highly relevant and engaging. The fully managed service adds value to every step of the customers’ journey and helps travel providers reach new revenue streams with existing bookings.

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