How Technology has Reshaped the Way we Get our Online Entertainment

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vr casinoPeople have always been seeking for new, better ways to entertain themselves, thus entertainment has become more refined and diversified over the centuries. The tales told around the fire became theater and television, the sings sung turned into the radio - and all this culminated in the diverse forms of entertainment we have at hand today thanks to the internet.

In time, more and more forms of entertainment have found their way to the great online: TV and radio became video streaming, the games people played outside turned into video games, and the simple bets and challenges have taken a much more organized form, giving birth to the gambling industry.

Chariot races to casino resorts

Early in our written history, we find mentions of bets, lotteries, and various games played for money. According to some sources, the construction of the Great Wall of China was - at least in part - financed through a state lottery organized by Emperor Cheung in 200 BC. Lotteries were not the only forms of gambling in ancient times, though - people have been betting on everything from chariot races to gladiator fights, either for entertainment, or for the money they hoped to win.

In time, gambling became more "civilized": the chariot races evolved into horse racing, and the gladiator fights led to the appearance of sports betting as we know it today. Besides, the games played with cards, dice, and various other instruments got written rules, and moved from the streets to villas, giving birth to the first casinos in history.

The gambling house has, over the centuries, turned from an expensive pastime for the high society into a major business open to the masses. Whole cities - like Macau, Atlantic City, Reno or Las Vegas, to name just a few - are built on the gambling industry, and all the related services, from lodging to dining and entertainment. These major gambling destinations are visited by millions each year, either seeking to try their luck at the games, or to enjoy amazing shows and meals at some of the most amazing casino resorts.

The big leap online

Taking a look at the evolution of the Vegas Palms online casino will tell you a lot about the history of online gambling. Launched at the turn of the century, the Vegas Palms has slowly grown into a reliable, trusted, and popular gaming destination. Its game library has expanded over the last decade and a half from a handful of games to over 700, and grow beyond desktop computers. Today, the Vegas Palms has over 100 games available through its mobile version, and the majority of its games run on any device with a web browser.

Online casinos have been around for a bit over two decades, but they already provide a worthy alternative for those unable - or unwilling - to travel to enjoy the services of some of the greatest casino resorts. While the Vegas Palms is clearly "the next best thing", it provides distraction at the players' fingertips, which makes them a preferred form of remote entertainment for many.

The future

The evolution of online gambling hasn't stopped. Vegas Palms players can expect their favorite games to break new grounds soon enough, to make their way to the most popular devices of our days. Smartwatches are one of them - and casino game developers have already released their first games to run on these wearable devices. The other trending technology this year is virtual reality. And virtual casinos are not far either: Microgaming, one of the leading developers (and pioneers) of the iGaming industry has already showcased their virtual roulette at a major gaming trade show last year.

While the VR casinos are still quite some time away - VR itself has yet to find its place on the global entertainment market - once it becomes mainstream, casino players will surely have the chance to enjoy their favorite form of online fun in three dimensions, with a never before seen level of interactivity.How Technology has Reshaped the Way we Get our Online Entertainment

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