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W Panama_Portal brings a first-of-its-kind international tech experience to Panama

w Panama PortalW Hotels, the iconic lifestyle hotel brand, debuts the W Panama_Portal, an immersive audiovisual experience set to kick off the festivities celebrating the opening of W Panama in March 2018.

As a result of a tech-forward partnership between W Hotels and arts, technology and design collective, Shared_Studios™, the W Panama_Portal brings a first-of-its-kind international tech experience to Panama. Located on Israel Avenue as of January, the Portal welcomes all locals and visitors on a complementary cultural adventure through March 16, 2018.

The W Panama_Portal is a vibrant gold 6-meter-long (20-foot) shipping container outfitted with patented innovations in immersive audiovisual technology that is part of a global network of Shared_Studios™ Portals located in over 18 cities around the world. Upon entering the W Panama_Portal, guests will come face-to-face with someone in a distant Portal, both appearing to be in the same room. Throughout the next month, W Hotels and Shared_Studios™ will host activities inside the W Panama_Portal designed to inspire conversations related to hot topics that include: women’s entrepreneurship, human equality, technology, design, architecture, music, fashion, food, and beyond. The W Panama_Portal will connect and interact with other Shared_Studios™ Portals in Mexico City, Los Angeles and Adelaide, Australia.

“The W Panama_Portal is an incredible way to introduce the W experience to Panama,” said Anthony Ingham, Global Brand Leader, W Hotels Worldwide. “These amazing, immersive pods will help connect a global community of likeminded individuals who are passionate about many of the things W is passionate about: design, music, LGBTQ and women’s rights, and more. W is a brand that constantly pushes the boundaries for guests as we know that people are seeking meaningful conversations and a greater understanding of the world around them when they travel. The W Panama_Portal is a way for us to continue to do this as we celebrate our debut in one of the most exciting destinations in the world today: Panama City.”

The W Panama_Portal is an example of the W brand’s ongoing commitment to creating inspiring cultural happenings, mixing technology, culture, and art for unforgettable experiences for guests and locals alike. With the opening of the first collaborative Portal, the brand continues to innovate, expanding the ways people can engage with different cultures and grow the international conversation that travels often inspires.

“The W Panama_Portal is a space for dialogue that is fueled by diversity,” said Akis Neocleous, General Manager, W Panama. “With the Portal, we are already breaking boundaries and amplifying the vibrant cultural experiences that Panama City offers all global citizens.”

In addition to conversations, W Panama_Portal activities will include a DJ battle between the Music Curator at W Panama and another live DJ in Mexico City, an expert cocktail class with recipes from expert mixologists from W Panama and Los Angeles, and a chef face-off between W Panama’s executive chef and a culinary challenger in Adelaide, Australia who will each prepare a meal from a box of secret ingredients. 

W Panama has been welcoming guests since Jan 19, 2018