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Whether you’re looking for the nearest gas station, a place to have a quick snack or just a pastime when traveling, you can easily get what you want with an app. However, most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking of the apps to download before a road trip, even though they need them.

Here’s a list of all the apps you’ll want to download before going on your next road trip:

Best Navigation Apps




If you want to see more from point A to B, the Roadtrippers free app is worth trying. The app is available on android and iOS devices, allowing you to plot your route as experienced travelers guide you on the most worthy detours. You’re also free to choose a premade itinerary and allow the app to lead the way.


Available for iOS, Android and Windows phone users, Waze Free is the best real-time crowdsourced traffic application. The app’s main advantage is that millions of users update information about accidents constantly, allowing you to avoid traffic jams where possible. This app also gives you updates on traffic and roadwork to help you find a more suitable shortcut.

Best Entertainment Apps

Betway App

If you love to wager on sports and try your luck with casino games while traveling, the Betway98 sport app is worth downloading. With the app, you can access all the games available at Betway98, allowing you to wager on 30 sports, including rugby, soccer, and tennis. Even better, the users can conveniently enjoy in-play betting and convenient cashouts.


As the best podcast apps on the market, Overcast helps you to find new shows with a simple directory and some suggestions from twitter. You can choose the app to download your favorite shows automatically or stream them. Even better, all the features are free, including some that used to be in-app purchases like voice booster, controls, and speed.

Best Diagnostics Apps


You might not always have a youtube video available to help you fix an issue. As such, this iOS app is the best solution to find the nearest mechanic at the right market price. The app helps you to diagnose a problem, and you can compare labor rates to get your work done.


Compatible with iOS and Android devices, Automatic works with a tiny $100 dongle that attaches to your dashboard to give you your driving stats. The app can also be used to track your gas usage or learn why your check-engine light is turned on.

Best Apps For Finding Places


It can be hectic to find your way in a new town, no matter how small. However, you can instantly become a local in a new town thanks to Foursome. The app is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows phones, helping you to find for places to eat, have drinks and do other stuff.


Every road trip is fantastic with an awesome tour guide. This app not only shows you nearby places but also gives you notes about these places as seen by other users. As such, you can read personal stories, tips, and photos, as well as compose your notes for the public to read or for personal use.


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