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Gaming in the New Age - How to Stay Safe Online

How to Stay Safe Online

Brick-and-mortar casinos have their appeal and, so, will never lose their place on the gambling scene. Online casinos have, however, taken over, with internet operators contributing a huge percentage of the total gambling revenue.

2020 saw online gambling numbers rise as internet casinos became viable entertainment sources for people stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. With online casinos gaining intense popularity, gamblers must understand the risks that these platforms come with and how to protect themselves.

As much as gambling websites provide convenient gaming alternatives for players globally, they have various risks. For this reason, gamblers must be cautious when using these sites. Gambling operators also have certain responsibilities to protect consumers. Learning how to improve your safety as a player is a priority that starts with knowing the correct information.



The Risks of Online Gaming

If players are to stay safe at online casinos, they first need to comprehend the risks. What harm is there in logging into a casino account for a round of your favourite roulette game? The fact that you are playing online poses several threats. A gambling site requires various details from customers before allowing them to play. For this reason, users are at risk of phishing scams. You can be tricked into giving out personal details, like your password or credit card information. Accessing casino games from a computer or other internet-enabled device exposes you to spyware, malware and ransomware attacks. By exploiting vulnerabilities on your machine or accounts, criminals can acquire sensitive data. Some sites or criminals can also gain your personal information through chat facilities.

Fraudulent activities are another category of threats that casino players should watch out for. Gamblers can be lured to fake and fraudulent websites where they can fall prey to various scams. Dubious operators also entice unsuspecting players with overly generous bonuses. Another trick is to let players win big on demo or free games so that they can spend money on real-money options. Casinos failing to honour fair winnings, then citing some obscure clause on their T&Cs is another common issue. The above are some primary challenges that should give players a clue about where to focus their security.



Measures of a Secure Gaming Platform

Wherever you are gambling from, you have to ensure that you are using a safe site. Roobet Casino is an example of a secure gaming website. What does that mean, though? How do operators safeguard player interests? Safe online gambling involves several elements.


The cardinal rule of internet gaming is to use a registered and licenced casino at all times. Whether the region you are playing from has a regulatory body or not, never compromise on this element. A regulated gambling website has to adhere to specific standards that include customer protection. Gambling regulators are government institutions built to protect consumers by monitoring operators. Therefore, they establish regulations that every authorised company must follow to keep its licence. Players have particular rights when gambling at a registered platform. Also, they can expect a certain code of practice. The Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner are some of the top gambling jurisdictions.

Technical Security

Part of keeping customers safe requires iGaming operators to invest in various technical aspects. A regulated and reputable casino must implement strong measures to prevent fraud, money laundering and other criminal acts. Data protection is another significant factor. Gambling companies can work with third-party services to put in place necessary security protocols, such as firewalls. An operator must provide a privacy policy, so, users know what happens with their data.

SHA-3 Hash Algorithm

Online casino games use random number generators to calculate outcomes. The computerised system generates a string of numbers that are hard to crack. A cryptographic hash algorithm or a hash function makes this possible. Regulated operators employ the SHA-3 algorithm to prevent any tampering. Thus, players can be confident that games are not rigged.

Regular Audits

Still on the subject of games, reputable online casinos ensure that all products maintain a certain level of fairness. All players should have equal opportunities of winning. It's not enough, though, that an operator promises fair gaming. Therefore, online casinos get regular audits to ensure that their games are running as required. Various third-party testing services provide independent audits to guarantee fairness. They check that systems are not tampered with and that RNGs are operating optimally. Besides casinos, game developers also get their products tested. Auditors test payment methods, as well, to make sure that they are reliable and safe. eCogra, iTech Labs and TST are some of the leading iGaming auditors.

SSL Encryption

Another way that online casinos protect customers is by encrypting their sites. Using the latest technology, gambling sites ensure that the data going in and out is encrypted. Hence, all customer details, including financial information, stay safe. SSL encryption prevents third parties from intercepting data. The technology secures passwords, credit card payments and other sensitive information. You can tell if a gaming site is encrypted by looking for a padlock icon in front of the web address.

Online gambling operators do a lot more to ensure player safety, like complying with PCI DSS standards. Apart from operators, players can do their part. Observing basic online safety measures can boost your security exponentially. For example, using two-factor authentication adds an extra security layer to your playing account. Some gambling websites provide tips to help customers protect themselves. Online gambling can be fun, but only when done right, and that begins with ensuring your security.


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