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Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform Expands with Record Number of New Integrations for OPERA Cloud PMS

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The hospitality industry has witnessed a significant technological transformation in recent years, with customers increasingly seeking contactless and high-tech experiences.

To meet the growing demand for personalized guest experiences, increased profitability, and enhanced customer loyalty, the Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP) has expanded its offerings with a remarkable number of new integrations for the OPERA Cloud Property Management System (PMS). Over the past 12 months alone, the platform has experienced a 75% growth in new integrations, surpassing 700 partners who have either built or are actively developing OPERA Cloud integrations. This achievement has solidified Oracle's library as one of the largest in the hospitality industry.

Alex Alt, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Oracle Hospitality, emphasized the importance of offering personalized experiences and convenience in the highly competitive hospitality industry. Alt stated, "By continuing to invest in the Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP), hoteliers have a wide range of integrations to choose from to meet the evolving expectations of travelers. These new integrations will help brands stay ahead of the competition, attract more guests, and increase revenue and customer loyalty."



The Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform has added several new member integrations, available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, to further enhance the capabilities of the OPERA Cloud PMS:

  1. BEONx: Offers automated, integrated, and digital solutions to maximize hotel profitability through AI and machine learning technology, optimizing costs, revenue generation, and guest retention figures.



  2. Canary Technologies: Provides guest management and PCI-compliant payment solutions, enabling revenue growth, fraud reduction, and an enhanced guest experience with features like guest messaging, contactless check-in and checkout, and digital authorizations.

  3. Gtriip’s Trevo: Utilizes deep-learning technology to verify guest identities and enable a touchless guest experience, facilitating faster and easier self check-in processes.

  4. HOPR by RoomChecking: Streamlines communication between housekeeping, maintenance, the front office, and other hotel staff through a centralized platform, optimizing guest reservations, room statuses, housekeeping statuses, and more.

  5. IDeaS: Delivers scientific pricing, rate availability, and overbooking decisions at a granular level, driving optimal revenue performance across segments to enhance hotel profitability.

These are just a few examples of the extensive list of integrations offered by the Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform. Other notable integrations include Laundris, OTA Insight, P3, Revinate Guest Data Platform, Vega I.T., VenueLytics, and VICAS by Samsotech, each addressing specific needs in the hospitality industry such as inventory management, revenue optimization, guest engagement, and security.

With these new integrations, Oracle is empowering hoteliers of all sizes to elevate their guest experience, optimize revenue, and foster customer loyalty. The Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform continues to lead the industry by providing innovative solutions that meet the evolving expectations of modern travelers in an increasingly technology-driven world.


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