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Sabre Corporation Integrates Carbon Emissions Data with Google’s Travel Impact Model to Empower Travelers

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In a significant move towards sustainability, Sabre Corporation, a prominent travel technology company, has announced the integration of carbon emissions data into its point-of-sale tools for corporations and travel agencies.

This integration is made possible through Sabre’s strategic partnership with Google and the use of Google’s Travel Impact Model (TIM). By displaying the carbon footprint of flights within its systems, Sabre empowers travelers to make informed decisions about their travel choices.

Sabre’s travel agency tool, Sabre Red 360, has already successfully integrated the emissions information, providing users with insights on the environmental impact of their flight choices. The company’s corporate online booking tool, GetThere, is expected to implement the TIM model by the end of the year.



This partnership between Sabre and Google, now in its fourth year, extends beyond the integration of emissions data. It also involves the migration of Sabre’s data centers to Google Cloud, contributing to the company’s overall emissions reduction efforts. By leveraging Google’s technological expertise, Sabre aims to play a crucial role in promoting sustainability throughout the travel industry.

Kristin Hays, Chief Communications and Corporate Responsibility Officer at Sabre, highlights the importance of integrating emissions data into mainstream travel information. She states, “Integrating emissions data from Google’s Travel Impact Model is an important step in bringing sustainability information to the mainstream for corporate and leisure travelers.” Sabre recognizes its responsibility as a technology company deeply rooted in the travel ecosystem and seeks to empower travelers with the necessary information to make environmentally conscious choices when booking their trips.



Sebnem Erzan, Head of Travel Sustainability & Transport Partnerships at Google, emphasizes the partnership’s shared vision and commitment to sustainability. Erzan states, “People should be able to understand the impact of their travel choices, and we are delighted to extend the reach of the Travel Impact Model through Sabre. This is a partnership with a true values alignment; together we hope to advance the travel ecosystem towards a more sustainable future.”

By integrating carbon emissions data into their point-of-sale tools, Sabre and Google aim to raise awareness and drive positive change within the travel industry. Informed travelers can now consider the environmental impact of their flights and make choices aligned with their values. As a technology company driving innovation in travel, Sabre Corporation sets an example for other companies in prioritizing sustainability and contributing to a greener future.

In conclusion, Sabre Corporation’s integration of carbon emissions data through Google’s Travel Impact Model marks a significant milestone in their commitment to sustainability. By providing travelers with insights into the environmental impact of their flights, Sabre empowers individuals to make informed decisions. This partnership between Sabre and Google demonstrates their shared vision for a more sustainable travel ecosystem and encourages other industry players to embrace eco-friendly practices.


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