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Hyatt Boosts Reservation Capabilities by Partnering with Sabre Corporation

Hyatt Partners with Sabre Corporation

Hyatt Hotels Corporation has revealed an innovative technology agreement with Sabre Corporation, a key player in software and technology for the global travel industry.

Beginning in 2024, Sabre’s SynXis Central Reservation System (CRS) will be the primary CRS for Hyatt hotels. This novel integration aims to uplift Hyatt’s reservation capabilities, streamline operations, and provide an enhanced, efficient guest experience, including an expedited search and booking process.

The announcement comes shortly after Hyatt introduced Hyatt PrO, a new system for optimizing its revenue management. Both initiatives aim to boost Hyatt’s commercial technology stack, an endeavor inspired by feedback from owners and operators.



Eben Hewitt, Chief Information Officer at Hyatt, explained the company’s commitment to improving the guest experience. "We had an opportunity to create a more efficient and streamlined Central Reservation System, and after a very thorough evaluation, we decided that Sabre would be the perfect provider for Hyatt’s global portfolio," said Hewitt.

The implementation of SynXis CRS will make Hyatt's new system more intuitive and efficient, providing guests with a streamlined search and booking process. The system also enables real-time synchronization of reservation modifications, and guests can now access newly available rooms instantly. It also offers dynamic packages that allow guests to customize their stays individually.



Scott Wilson, President of Sabre Hospitality Solutions, commented on the collaboration: "This collaboration represents our dedication to empowering the hospitality industry and elevating the guest experience. I am thrilled that Sabre's reservation system has been selected by Hyatt to advance its technology strategy."

Jessica White, Senior Vice President of Global Property & Guest Services at Hyatt, added, “Adopting Sabre as our new Central Reservation System will increase the distribution breadth and reach of our brands and personalized direct booking experiences across our global portfolio.”

This announcement aligns with Hyatt's commitment to simplify hotel systems while providing property-level flexibility with top-tier applications like Hyatt PrO, developed in global collaboration with IDeaS. The system is intended to increase automation, drive innovation-fueled growth, and encourage deeper collaboration across commercial teams.

Hyatt's vision for innovation aims to create a differentiated value proposition for Hyatt owners and operators and deliver customized experiences that drive a competitive advantage. In continuation of these efforts, Hyatt is exploring further enhancements to property management system options.

The strategic move by Hyatt signals a strong push towards leveraging technology to improve guest experience, streamline operations, and gain a competitive edge in the hospitality industry. It represents a significant milestone in the company's transformative growth journey.


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