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emirates inflight internet phone laptopSmartphones and tablets have drastically altered the way we do things, making many things easier to do while on the move. Shopping, banking, communicating with friends and family, or simply playing games, are all regularly performed while you are mobile. If you are traveling as a passenger in a car, by train, boat or coach, you can connect to your favourite online games, chat to your friends, or buy something new without getting out of your allocated seat.

global mobile gambling marketAccording to a new Global Mobile Gambling Market report, the market continues to grow and one of the major drivers for this market is Increased interest among the younger population.

bitcoinThe evolution of technology has had a huge impact on many parts of our lives, but arguably none more so than on our relationship with money. From the emergence of online banking services to chip-and-pin and contactless card payments, the way we manage and use our finances has changed massively in recent years and is almost in a constant state of flux.




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