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Blockchain Technology For Dummies: The Simplest Guide Ever

The term Blockchain technology is well known in the Crypto world. The sudden rise of the price value of Bitcoins is attracting the eyes of investors. Small business owners are looking for opportunities on how to adopt Bitcoin in their business.

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Virtual Options For Visiting Casinos During COVID-19

With the global population still trapped in the clutches of the pandemic, there is barely anything a person can do to “escape”. A change of surroundings has become a fantasy, a yearning, a dream.

Hopin Acquires StreamYard

Hopin Acquires StreamYard

Hopin, the world’s leading all-in-one virtual event platform,  has acquired video streaming platform StreamYard


Will there be a Bitcoin Bubble?

After three years of the bubble, which inflated Bitcoin price in a spectacular fashion from 5,000USD to 20,000USD in the space of three months, plunging more than 80%, the Bitcoin, again, is on the verge of recording a very high surge.

Six Senses Launches Mobile App

Six Senses Launches Mobile App

Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas launches a new travel app that connects guests anytime, anywhere with resorts and hotels around the world from the palm of their hand.


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