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Blockchain tourism

Here's How Blockchain Can Shape Society

Our visions of a future with floating cities and hover boards may not have exactly come to fruition, but for crypto enthusiasts, their future of an evolving society may be just as impressive.

Rent ‘n Connect and Bidroom partner

Rent ‘n Connect and Bidroom partner

Traveling around the globe is becoming easier and travel technology and e-commerce companies are beginning to find solutions to traveler's problems. Nowadays, it’s easy to find a cheaper alternative for hotels and services. But it’s important to be able to find quality services at a reasonable price.

Oregon wineyard

Hey Alexa! Play the "Oregon Wine Quiz!"

Oregon is home to more than 760 wineries and 19 distinct growing areas, making it one of the largest wine-grape-producing states in the nation. It's tough for even the biggest Oregon wine aficionados to know everything about Oregon wine.

eero mesh WiFi system

Amazon introduces the eero mesh WiFi system

Amazon introduced the newest addition to the award-winning eero family of devices. The all-new eero mesh WiFi system offers simple, reliable WiFi for streaming, gaming, and working from home—all for just $99, or three for $249.

Best apps

Get These Apps Before Planning Your Next Road Trip

Whether you’re looking for the nearest gas station, a place to have a quick snack or just a pastime when traveling, you can easily get what you want with an app. However, most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking of the apps to download before a road trip, even though they need them.

Halal Booking website

HalalBooking raises $2 million in new funding

HalalBooking announced a pre-series A round, with a valuation of $50 million USD$2 million was raised from a group of individual investors, led by Azar Gurbanov, a co-founder of New York-based FSAstore.com, the USA’s leading wellness e-commerce website, which recently achieved a successful exit.

Tablet Inflight Gogo User Thumb

Travelers want Wi-Fi and Live TV while in the air

Frequent flyers have a substantial interest in staying connected while on a flight and are prepared to pay more for it, according to new research that was commissioned by BBC Global News and conducted by independent research consultancy MTM.