Hostelworld’s Top 10 Places to visit in 2015

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Using the results from a recent survey that asked over 7000 customers to name their top hot spots for 2015, Hostelworld reveals below the most in-demand destinations holidaymakers must visit next year.

mumbai10 – India
India has long been the classic backpacker destination, made popular back in the 60’s when air travel was for the rich and budget travellers trekked overland. India was the perfect choice for budding adventurers, holding the perfect mix of mysticism and mystery to feed that desire to break away from the norm. Even after all these decades, it still hasn’t lost any of its appeal. From the busy streets of Bombay and New Delhi, to the wide open plains and unique wildlife of the national parks like Ranthambore, all the way to the mountainous Himalayas, the landscapes are ever changing and there’s a ton for travellers of all types.

9 -Italy

Italy, the epicentre of European culture. It was this country that delivered those first tremors of modern civilisation, back when Romans marched across the continent delivering law, order and gladiator fights wherever they went. Now Italy is the place to see the remnants of these roots of modern civilisation, as well offering some of the best culinary experiences you’re likely to find anywhere in the world.

8 – Greece

Just pipping its old Classical Period rival to eighth place is the other Ancient World giant, Greece. The home of philosophy, democracy and cheap, cheap retsina, it’s a place where you’re going to find incredible history and culture, without scrimping on the parties.



Home to the great Inca Trail and Machu Picchu, it’s no small wonder that this destination is on the list for 2015. You’ll pass a cavalcade of landscapes, from thick jungle to beautiful landscapes, up to amazing mountain ranges. At the end of it all, you’ll find the awe-inspiring ruins of the old Incan civilisation that remained undiscovered and unspoilt for centuries. Peru also has the second largest area of rainforest, after Brazil, with a unique and diverse ecosystem and is well worth a guided trek. There’s even opportunities to camp out in in an eco-cabin right in the heart of the wilderness.

6- Japan

Japan is the ultimate clash of contradictions. Its capital, Tokyo, has to be one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world, yet it still maintains a calm that’s unseen in most major metropolises. The country is ultra-modern, lit up by bright lights, sound tracked by mega-arcades and populated by some of the most colourfully dressed people going. Yet it’s still traditional, with countless beautiful temples, palaces and a curtesy that most older people at home will say died with the baby-boomers.

5 – USA

Whether it's for the food, the film locations, natural wonders or the sheer specticle, the United States is a favourite for many a traveller. Known the world over for its grandiosity and bright lights, America probably has more famous cities than anywhere else. From the Hollywood excesses of Los Angeles to the extreme hedonism of Las Vegas, out of them all, it's New York that had the strongest pull.

australia-kangroo-beach4 – Australia

Another backpacking mecca, anyone that’s done the famous East Coast trek knows exactly why this beautiful, golden party paradise made it onto this list. The beaches here are basically unbeatable. Even the city-side beaches like Bondi are incredible, let alone places like Byron Bay or those protected and almost untouched wonder spots like Whitsundays and Fraser Island.

3 - New Zealand

New Zealand is Australia’s way more chilled cousin next door. The weather is less extreme and the countryside less hostile than some parts of Oz. Yet it really is beautiful, covered in lush greenery and imposing mountain ranges, as anyone that’s seen Lord of the Rings can attest to. Getting up close with nature isn’t hard here. There’s plenty of national parks all over the place, providing anyone up for the trek with breath-taking views. One particular highlight is the Fox and Fraz Josef Glaciers that descend from the Southern Alps in Westland Tai Poutini National Park. Then there’s the skiing of course, which is hard to beat.

2 – Iceland

If you’re after the Northern Lights, then this is the spot for you. Iceland has to be one of the best places to spot this solar phenomenon of whirling lights, giving some of the clearest views of anywhere in the world.

bangkok-royalpalace1 – Thailand

The number one destination to visit in 2015 is Thailand. It’s not exactly a new entry, but that in no way diminishes its worthiness. Thailand is, quite simply, the top place to party in the world. As well as having the world famous Full Moon Party each month, it’s pretty much party time on every single beach, on every single island, across the country, every single night. Fluorescent lights, cheap beers and fire dancers consume the night before the country’s beautiful beaches eat away the days.

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