Outbound trips from Asia continues to increase

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Chinese-touristsAccording to the latest forecast of the tourism consultancy IPK International, Asia continues to be the driving force in international tourism.

During the first eight months of this year the number of outbound trips from Asia rose by eight per cent, which was double the global growth rate. Further growth is predicted.

in 2015 Asian citizens will undertake above-average numbers of trips and, with growth still at eight per cent, will easily overtake other nations in the outbound travel market.

The figures produced by the World Travel Monitor® impressively demonstrate that in recent years Asia has gradually become the most important driving force in the international tourism market. From 2009 to 2013 outbound trips from Asia increased by 53 per cent. That is more than twice the average global growth rate (22 per cent). China easily came out ahead, while Japan’s share of the market declined considerably, due to deflation. Together with China it still accounted for more than half of all outbound trips from Asia. Travellers from South Korea, India and Taiwan displayed an increasing lust for travel and these countries reported steady growth.

As far as destinations were concerned the majority of Asians (75 per cent) preferred to holiday on their own continent. The next most popular countries were Europe and North America (15 and nine per cent respectively), in contrast to the Australia and Pacific region, South America and Africa, which were not among Asians’ preferred destinations.

Business travel in decline – city breaks and beach holidays more and more popular

Foreign business trips were slightly in decline, whereas in 2013 holiday trips occupied an increasingly large share of the market (72 per cent). In terms of the types of holidays being taken it was possible to note certain changes. In 2013 round trips to several countries continued to be popular with many Asians. However, the market share here fell to slightly below 40 per cent, while the number of city breaks and beach holidays in the sun increased. The internet became an increasingly important booking tool. Since 2009 online bookings have almost doubled and currently stand at 60 per cent, while bookings by travel agencies are in decline. All the same, for Asians they remain an important source of personal advice when making bookings.

Steady rise in inbound trips to Asia

The number of trips to Asia also increased. According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), during the first six months of 2014 international tourism arrivals in the Asia/Pacific region rose by five per cent, which is lower than last year’s growth rate (seven per cent).

Economic growth in Asia remains stable

Commenting on the economic situation in Asia at the 22nd World Travel Monitor® Forum in Pisa Dr. Gernot Nerb said: “Economic growth in Asia remains stable.“ This year the economic expert at the Munich ifo Institute for Economic Research expects the region’s GDP to rise by 4.7 per cent and in 2015 by 4.6 per cent.

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