Where did Americans Travel Most in 2014?

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A leading online accommodation booking website with over 365,000 properties around the world has released data that identifies the most popular and trending cities this year – both domestically and internationally. has released data from its Hotel Price Index™ (HPI) that highlights the most popular destinations of 2014.

California, Texas and Florida were home to nearly half of the 25 Most Popular Domestic Cities for American travelers in 2014, but it was Denver and Charlotte, N.C. that saw the most growth in popularity among top destinations. Denver overtook Miami as the 14th most popular U.S. city, while Charlotte surpassed Tampa, Fla. and Myrtle Beach, S.C. to jump into the 24th spot. Outside the Top 25 cities, Detroit (+2 spots to #27), Phoenix (+3 spots to #28), Kansas City, Mo. (+3 spots to #31) and Salt Lake City (+5 spots to #35) also saw significant jumps in popularity.

50 Most Popular Domestic Cities for Americans
City FY 2014 vs FY 2013 Change City FY 2014 vs FY 2013 Change City FY 2014 vs FY 2013 Change
1. Las Vegas, Nev. No Change 18. Seattle, Wash. No Change 35. Salt Lake City, Utah 5
2. New York, N.Y. No Change 19. Anaheim, Calif. No Change 36. Raleigh, N.C. No Change
3. Orlando, Fla. No Change 20. Dallas, Texas No Change 37. St. Louis, Mo. -4
4. Los Angeles, Calif. No Change 21. Nashville, Tenn. No Change 38. Jacksonville, Fla. 1
5. San Diego, Calif. No Change 22. Portland, Ore. No Change 39. Newark, N.J. -1
6. Chicago, Ill. No Change 23. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. No Change 40. Honolulu, Hawaii -3
7. San Francisco, Calif. No Change 24. Charlotte, N.C. 2 41. Savannah, Ga. 3
8. Washington, D.C. No Change 25. Tampa, Fla. No Change 42. Albuquerque, N.M. 5
9. Houston, Texas No Change 26. Atlantic City, N.J. 1 43. Columbus, Ohio -2
10. San Antonio, Texas No Change 27. Detroit, Mich. 2 44. Charleston, S.C. 2
11. Atlanta, Ga. No Change 28. Phoenix, Ariz. 3 45. Arlington, Va. -2
12. Boston, Mass. No Change 29. Reno, Nev. -1 46. Scottsdale, Ariz. -4
13. New Orleans, La. No Change 30. Myrtle Beach, S.C. -6 47. Oklahoma City, Okla. 1
14. Denver, Colo. 1 31. Kansas City, Mo. 3 48. Pittsburgh, Pa. New to List
15. Miami, Fla. -1 32. Indianapolis, Ind. No Change 49. Pigeon Forge, Tenn. No Change
16. Austin, Texas No Change 33. Baltimore, Md. -3 50. Memphis, Tenn. New to List
17. Philadelphia, Pa. No Change 34. Sacramento, Calif. 1    


Top International Destinations for Americans

Mexico continued to surge in popularity with American travelers in 2014. Cancun/Riviera Maya moved up four spots to become the sixth most popular international destination for Americans, surpassing Montreal, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Barcelona. Other Mexican cities to make significant jumps in 2014 were Mexico City (+3 spots to #15) and Vallarta (+7 spots to #38), which saw the most growth of any top international destination.

While London remained the most popular international destination for Americans, Edinburgh – just a few hours north – experienced one of the biggest growth spurts, moving up six places to 44th. Singapore (+4 spots to #17) and Sydney (+5 spots to #27) also saw major increases in demand.

Top U.S. Destinations for International Travelers

Las Vegas has long been the most popular domestic destination for Americans, but when it comes to international travel, New York is king. The most popular U.S. destination among international visitors in 2014 was also the most popular among all international destinations for many Western Europe countries, including France, Germany, Spain and the UK.

Another popular destination was Orlando, which was also the most-visited international destination for Brazilian and Columbian travelers in 2014, and ranked third for all international visitors. Meanwhile, San Antonio was the U.S. destination most visited by travelers from Mexico in 2014, knocking Las Vegas out of the top spot.

                                                          50 Most Popular International Cities for Americans
City Country FY 2014 vs FY 2013 Change City [Province] Country FY 2014 vs FY 2013 Change
1. London United Kingdom No Change 26. Munich Germany -1
2. Paris France No Change 27. Sydney Australia +5
3. Toronto Canada No Change 28. Prague Czech Republic -1
4. Rome Italy No Change 29. Copenhagen Denmark +7
5. Vancouver Canada No Change 30. Beijing China -2
6. Cancun/Riviera Maya Mexico +4 31. Panama City Panama +3
7. Montreal Canada +1 32. Milan Italy +3
8. Hong Kong Hong Kong -1 33. Buenos Aires Argentina No Change
9. Tokyo Japan -3 34. Carolina Puerto Rico -3
10. Barcelona Spain -1 35. Vienna Austria -5
11. Niagara Falls Canada No Change 36. Los Cabos Mexico -7
12. Bangkok Thailand No Change 37. Bogota Colombia No Change
13. Amsterdam Netherlands No Change 38. Vallarta Mexico +7
14. San Juan Puerto Rico No Change 39. Athens Greece No Change
15. Mexico City Mexico +3 40. Punta Cana Dominican Republic +2
16. Madrid Spain No Change 41. Edinburgh United Kingdom +6
17. Singapore Singapore +4 42. Calgary Canada +1
18. Florence Italy -1 43. Sao Paulo Brazil -3
19. Dubai United Arab Emirates -4 44. Stockholm Sweden New to List
20. Istanbul Turkey +2 45. Bali Indonesia New to List
21. Venice Italy -2 46. Taipei Taiwan -2
22. Dublin Ireland -2 47. Quebec Canada +2
23. Seoul South Korea +3 48. Rio De Janeiro Brazil -10
24. Berlin Germany No Change 49. Lima Peru New to List
25. Shanghai China -2 50. Frankfurt Germany -9

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