Orbitz Top 10 Destinations for Valentine's Day / Presidents' Day Weekend

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This February, travelers are looking forward to a three-day weekend with two holiday observances: Presidents' Day and Valentine's Day. The Orbitz Insider Index survey shows that travelers are escaping the brutal winter storms and opting for warm weather getaways with 80 percent of the top destinations to warm climates over the long weekend.

"Presidents' Day is always a popular weekend for travelers and with Valentine's Day the same weekend travel demand will be high which usually means higher prices," said Jeanenne Tornatore, senior editor for "Fortunately, a weekend getaway is still within reach for those on a budget with several sales available on and hotel prices under $200 per night in over half of the top destinations."

Orbitz Top 10 Destinations for Valentine's Day/Presidents' Day Weekend

Based on 2014 vs. 2015 bookings, the top insights for the three-day weekend include:

  • Air prices are up a modest 2 percent over the dual holiday weekend. And, no surprise cold-weather destination Chicago is offering the most savings in comparison to last year with ticket prices averaging 9 percent less. Tickets to Las Vegas, Miami and Cancun are also down compared to 2014 prices.
  • Hotel prices are up in nine of the top 10 destinations for the long weekend. New Orleans has the biggest jump with a 39 percent increase from last year, thanks to Fat Tuesday immediately following the Presidents' Day holiday.
Orbitz Top 10 Destinations for Valentine's Day/Presidents'
Day Weekend
Rank Destination Average 
YOY% Average Air YOY%
1 Las Vegas, NV $138 18% $367 -2%
2 Orlando, FL $180 19% $404 2%
3 Cancun, Mexico $306 7% $623 -2%
4 New York, NY $255 25% $282 -1%
5 New Orleans, LA $313 39% $444 12%
6 Miami, FL $247 flat $422 -4%
7 Chicago, IL $151 12% $250 -9%
8 San Diego, CA $150 10% $370 6%
9 San Francisco, CA $192 3% $346 7%
10 Anaheim, CA $181 28% $361 8%


Top Romantic Cities

The Orbitz Insider Index survey also identified the most romantic cities in both the United States and internationally, with Honoluluas the number one destination and San Francisco in second place in the States. Synonymous with romance, Paris, not surprisingly, earned the top pick as the most romantic city in the world.

  Domestic Destinations   International Destinations
Rank Destination Rank Destination
1 Honolulu, HI 1 Paris, France
2 San Francisco, CA 2 Venice, Italy
3 Charleston, SC  3 Buenos Aires, Argentina
4 Santa Fe, New Mexico 4 Quebec City, Canada
5 Miami, FL 5 Melbourne, Australia

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