Humorous South Africans willing to sell husband for a dream vacation

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South African travel website based in Cape Town, announced the results of a recent Travel Trends survey. The survey reveals that 69 percent of over 2000 South African participants are price conscious. They stated the most important factor when choosing holiday accommodation is the price.

ebay auction womanWhen asked what they were willing to give up for a dream holiday, the majority of respondents chose fashion shopping (51%), dining out (37%), and Christmas gifts (29%). An overwhelming number of humorous “other” responses included “sell my husband”, “auction my mother in law”, and “delay my marriage”.

South Africa has experienced tough economic conditions over the last year and many people have responded by cutting back on travel in an effort to save money. According to the survey, 57% of respondents have only been on holiday 1 – 2 times in the past year, whilst 22% haven’t been away at all.

According to the Travel Trends Survey, only 3% of participants went on holiday more than 5 times in the past 12 months. Frequent travellers proved to be less concerned with budget and place the highest importance on the clear availability of a room when using an accommodation booking website.

Frequent travellers indicated that they:

•           use cash, credit card, or holiday points to fund their holiday

•           place importance on reviews and photographs when booking accommodation

•           consider Wi-Fi to be important

•           prefer to fly

Road vs air travel

Road travel is the preferred mode of transport for holidays in South Africa, with only 4% of respondents that tend to fly. Based on the survey results, solo travellers are 3 times more likely to fly to their holiday destination than couples or families. Families drive much further than other traveller types and went away significantly less in 2014 than people travelling with a partner.

“Families have expenses that other travellers don’t, so their expendable income is minimal. And considering the cost effectiveness of travelling in one car versus individual flight tickets, it’s no surprise that families budget for big annual road trips,” says Van de Ghinste, Joint-CEO.

Men vs Women

The survey revealed distinct differences between how men and women finance their holidays. While many jokes circulate about women and credit cards, the survey revealed that men are twice as prone to financing holidays with a credit card. But men are also three times more likely to use cash and not need to budget at all. Women proved to be bigger budgeters and more than twice as many women as men plan to split holiday costs with friends or family.

What aren’t men and women willing to give up for a dream holiday? While men are less willing to give up dining out or resort to growing their own food, women prefer to cling to their Christmas gifts, cigarettes, and alcohol. Travel Trends Survey:

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