Two new experiences for visitors to India

  • Published by Ozgur Tore

Mysore Palace

Karnataka's leading tour operator, Deccan Dreams, has launched a new programme of holidays for gap year students and for older visitors offering opportunities to become involved with local people, their culture and lifestyles. The holidays and tours give visitors from the UK the chance to take part in projects designed to help local communities in Karnataka while affording a unique insight into local culture and traditions.

For 'gappers' visiting The State for a month or more Deccan Dreams has set up various projects to assist with rural health care programmes and in the repair of schools, on the construction of drainage, recycling activities, working on afforestation programmes, organic farming and on sanitation.

During this 'work experience' students meet artisan families and can study woodcrafts, pottery, weaving, folk dancing and music. The cost is £42 per person per night for full board accommodation, airport and local transfers, sightseeing with guides including a jeep safari to a tiger reserve. Minimum group size is 10 with a minimum stay of 15 days.

For senior visitors Deccan Dreams is offering 15 days staying with Indian families and participating fully in their daily lives. Activities include visits to farms to experience ploughing with cattle, milking cows, preparing local dishes and woodwork, pottery and weaving classes. Trips to local folk art centres, markets, silk worm farms, senior citizens, homes and to affluent Indian homes to experience a wealthy lifestyle as a contrast to basic village life, are all included.

Accommodation is offered in quality hotels and prices are charged according to the tailor-made requirements of guests.

Announcing this major new project Deccan Dreams said that the company has always offered to its guests the chance to experience the real India, to meet local people and to enjoy a traditional way of life, and, in addition, to provide support to the many communities where the projects are undertaken.


Deccan Dreams has long been known for its holiday programmes 'Four States of Mind':- History and Heritage; Nature and adventure; Arts and culture; Health and rejuvenation. As the number one tour operator in the Southern India State of Karanataka and will shortly be resuming exclusive Royal Banquets at Mysore Palace, as part of the experiences it offers elite clients.

Following the imminent coronation of the 27th Maharaja of Mysore (Crown Prince Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar), all the traditions, customs and practices of the Palace and the Royal family will resume, including the exclusive Royal Dinner programme Deccan Dreams: a Royal Banquet with an introduction to the Maharaja of the Wadiyar Dynasty of Mysore. This grand event includes a sumptuous banquet and includes royal liveried staff and musical entertainment.

Deccan Dream Tours are by private coach with experienced and knowledgeable driver guides, lasting from 8 – 21 days. They include magical rail journeys, coffee plantations, wildlife reserves, jungle lodges, historic palaces and traditional villages.

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