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Top 5 Most Pet-Friendly U.S. Cities in 2017

pet travelerA new ranking for the most pet-friendly U.S. vacation destinations for 2017 is available for travelers that want to travel with their pet(s). 53 large cities in the United States are reviewed on ten key metrics broken down into three key dimensions: pet needs, pet recreation, and city profile. And here are the Top 5 big cities to visit with pets.

The report is released by RewardExpert – a free service that helps travelers fly for cheap by maximizing their miles and points. An aggregate score was used to determine which cities are most accommodating for the whole family, including any four-legged family members. RewardExpert also found the best cities based on specific pet-friendly categories, like hiking and playing catch.

Top 5 Big Cities to Visit with Pets

1. Tampa, Florida

Tampa comes in as the number one most pet-friendly city in 2017. Tampa has more pet-friendly hotels per capita than any of the other cities. According to RewardExpert’s findings, there are 32 hotels in Tampa that allow dogs per hundred thousand residents. Additionally, Tampa boasts 50 dog parks, which means travelers won’t have any trouble discovering fun activities to do with their pets.

2. San Francisco, California

The greater San Francisco area tops the list in the Pet Recreation category. Travelers can choose from one of 15 dog-friendly beaches in the Bay Area to let their four-legged best friends swim in the sun. San Francisco is ranked third of all cities for weather; the city receives 153 pleasant days a year on average.

3. Miami, Florida

Miami comes in a third overall, but it ranks at the top when it comes to what a pet needs. There are more pet stores and veterinarians per capita than any other city we analyzed. RewardExpert discovered that Miami has 75 and 141 pet stores and veterinarians per hundred thousand residents, respectively.

4. Washington, District of Columbia

The nation’s capital is number four on the list of the most pet-friendly cities to travel to in the United States. D.C. is solid across the board, offering a wide variety of restaurants and cafes that allow pets, dog-friendly hiking trails, and pet-related events.

5. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta scored consistently well across each category in the rankings, with the number of veterinarians per capita as a stand out category. While the city lagged behind slightly in the recreation category, it still had a high density of pet related businesses and a high concentration of pet friendly restaurants.

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