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Iceberg Tourism in Canada

iceberg canadaTourists are flocking Canada’s Ferryland town to see the “Iceberg Alley”. Locals and tourists with cameras in their hand taking photos and selfies with the giant blue iceberg appeared off-shore.

From spring to September, icebergs regularly break off in the Arctic and float down past the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. Over 600 have already floated into the North Atlantic this year, compared to a total of 687 over the whole season. Experts believe that this year’s bumper crop is down to strong counter-clockwise winds, as well as global warming.

Although most of the icebergs pass happily down the coast, Ferryland’s new visitor appears to be grounded, mayor Adrian Kavanagh told The Canadian Press. And while the coast alongside it was packed over the weekend, if, as predicted, it sticks around, the number of visitors is expected to grow.

According to Kavanagh, there are up to six “big” ones in the distance that could make their way down if winds pick up.

If you want to see it, prepare for a trek: Ferryland is an hour from St John’s, but that's a minimum a 5hr 45 minute flight from the UK (Westjet flies direct from Gatwick or you can change in Boston and then Halifax for St John’s). Alternatively, keep those window blinds open when flying to the US (especially the West Coast) – flight routes normally pass right over Iceberg Alley.

Source: Independent

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