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Barcelona is trending destination for American travelers in 2017

barcelona summerLondon remains the most searched international destination among American travelers in 2017 however Barcelona is on the rise, according to the annual global travel survey from travel search engine

Momondo’s study also says that more than a quarter of Americans prefer to spend their money on traveling and with summer soon approaching, April is the month where most people typically get their summer vacation plans in place.

Travel search engine momondo asked 23,149 people from 23 different countries about their travel habits and analyzed more than 400 million searches done on their site.

For travel loving Americans, planning in advance and traveling with their partner/spouse made it to the top of travel wish lists.

"Americans prefer to travel with their spouse/partner (61%) and they buy flight tickets 71 days in advance from their trip. In comparison, when it comes to accommodation, Americans book hotels at home just 22 days before the trip and 44 days in advance when travelling abroad. What set Americans apart from the global data was that the typical vacation length is 14 days, opposed to the global average of 7. So, Americans plan far in advance, commit to traveling with their love-interest, and travel for longer," says MaryBeth Lauro, spokesperson for momondo. She continues;

"We also can't get enough of freshly made beds and pre-fluffed pillows as 59% of us still choose hotels over any other kind of accommodation."

Other American Travel Trends: Sharing and Saving

Americans also like to share vacation memories and discoveries while we are still exploring the destination. More than a third of travelers share photos from vacation on social media while they are still away – which puts Americans as one of the most likely nationalities to post photos.

When it comes to saving money on trips, Americans were the only country out of the 23 surveyed to list meals and snacks as the area they prefer to save money on most while traveling.

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