Top Asia Pacific Destinations in 2017, according to arrivals, nights stayed, and visitor expenditure

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According to the latest findings from the Mastercard Asia Pacific Destinations Index 2017, Bangkok and Singapore ranked at top position. Bangkok remains the most visited destination in Asia Pacific, while Singapore continues to lead the Thai capital in total visitor expenditure.

Half of the top 20 most visited destinations in Asia Pacific saw more than 10 percent growth in international overnight arrivals from 2015 to 2016. Destinations that benefitted most from this growth include Northeast Asian and Southeast Asian markets – Seoul (32.7 percent), Osaka (23.8 percent), Bali (22.5 percent), Tokyo (22.2 percent), Hokkaido (21.9 percent), Chiba (21.5 percent) and Pattaya (20.6 percent).

Overall, overnight arrivals to the 171 Asia Pacific destinations in 2016 stood at 339.2 million (9.8 percent CAGR[2] from 2009-2016), led by Bangkok which tracked 19.3 million visitors. Singapore (13.1 million) came in second place, followed by Tokyo (12.6 million), Seoul (12.4 million) and Kuala Lumpur (11.3 million). China stands as Asia Pacific’s most avid outbound travel market, having contributed 55 million international overnight visitors to the region last year or 16.2 percent of the total.

Over the past two years (2015-2016), Singapore has tracked a strong 18.0 percent leap in visitor spend. One of only five destinations of the top 20 by total expenditure to reach a minimum spend of US$200 per day, Singapore attracted the highest spending visitors at US$254 per day, followed by Beijing (US$242), Shanghai (US$234), Hong Kong (US$211) and Taipei (US$208).

Top 10 Asia Pacific destinations ranked by international overnight arrivals:

1. Bangkok – 19.3 million
2. Singapore  – 13.1 million
3. Tokyo – 12.6 million
4. Seoul – 12.4 million
5. Kuala Lumpur – 11.3 million
6. Phuket – 9.1 million
7. Hong Kong – 8.9 million
8. Pattaya – 8.1 million
9. Osaka – 7.4 million
10. Taipei – 7.4 million

In 2016, visitors to the region stayed for a total of 1,768.7 million nights, an 8.1 percent CAGR from 1,023.1 million nights in 2009. Bangkok took the lead with 87.6 million nights, while Sydney came in second place with 87.5 million, followed by Kuala Lumpur at 76.7 million.

Top 10 Asia Pacific destinations ranked by total nights stayed:

1. Bangkok – 87.6 million
2. Sydney – 87.5 million
3. Kuala Lumpur – 76.7 million
4. Tokyo – 74.3 million
5. Melbourne – 62.9 million
6. Bali – 62.4 million
7. Singapore – 60.7 million
8. Seoul – 56.0 million
9. Brisbane – 51.8 million
10. Taipei – 47.8 million

Top 10 Asia Pacific destinations ranked by expenditure:

1. Singapore – US$15.4 billion
2. Bangkok – US$12.7 billion
3. Tokyo – US$11.1 billion
4. Taipei – US$9.9 billion
5. Seoul – US$9.4 billion
6. Bali – US$8.7 billion
7. Phuket – US$8.3 billion
8. Kuala Lumpur – US$7.3 billion
9. Sydney – US$6.8 billion
10. Hong Kong– US$6.6 billion

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