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Londoners have a chance to win 12-day trip to northern Canada

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The city of Wolverhampton is embarking on its “Wolves in Wolves” promotional campaign this summer, wherein some 30 fiberglass wolf statues will be painted by local celebrities. A small group of Canadians with an indigenous artist are coming to visit from Thompson, Manitoba, Canada to paint two of those 30 statues.

What can a small wilderness city that is 60 years old in northern Canada and a large 500 year old industrial city in England have in common? Both places have an interest in wolves! Whereas wolves in the English landscape were extirpated 100s of years ago, Thompson has an unknown number of wolves in the surrounding boreal forest. As wolves seldom bother anyone in this region and are not considered a threat, Thompson has become the Wolf Capital of the World and is drawing researchers and eco-tourists each year to learn about this elusive, intelligent, yet maligned, apex predator in Manitoba’s forests. Thompson is linked to Churchill, Manitoba, the Beluga Whale and Polar Bear Capital of the World that draws visitors each year from around the world.

The Canadians will finish their painted wolf statue from Wolverhampton and have it displayed at Charing Cross station in London for the month of June. Anyone seeing that statue can also watch a short promotional video about Manitoba and enter a draw to win a fabulous £18,000 twelve day prize trip to northern Canada. It can be a bucket list experience for some lucky people.

In July, the Canadian wolf statue will come back to Wolverhampton to meet its other Canadian mate and be part of the 30 wolf pack until September. The travel contest will carry on until then when a winning couple will be chosen.

The Province of Manitoba, which is located in Canada’s center as its thriving heart, has those features and more. From its capital, Winnipeg, which National Geographic Travel rated as one of the best places to visit on earth to the wilderness city of Thompson to Churchill at the edge of the Arctic, Manitoba has distinct biomes over 1000 miles that reflect Canada’s diverse landscapes, wildlife and wilderness.

Now comes a chance to win a 12 day trip to Manitoba from London, England to see and experience many of those natural wonders. Spirit Way Inc., a non-profit tourist organization, with Travel Manitoba and corporate sponsors are offering a high end travel prize to people in England and continental Europe. The prize will fly a couple people from London to Winnipeg for two days to see world class attractions like the Assiniboine Park Zoo with its Journey to Churchill polar bear exhibit. The prize winners will be able to walk under a clear ceiling as polar bears swim overhead. They will visit the highly acclaimed Canadian Museum of Human Rights, the first museum of its kind in the world.

Thereafter, the winning couple will fly to Thompson, Hub of the North, for two more days. Visitors will tour award-winning Spirit Way, take a trip to spectacular Pisew Falls, visit Paint Lake Provincial Park and watch for a glimpse of the ever elusive wolves that roam the northern forest. They will even get a chance to “hunt” for beautiful wolf statues located across Manitoba as part of a GPS Wolf Hunt travel adventure. Under cloudless night skies, the travelers will be amazed at the incredible number of stars in a clear sky and maybe get a great chance to see and hear(!) dazzling Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. They are always an awe-inspiring light show.

Then the travelers will ride a slow train from Thompson to Churchill across the taiga and tundra to reach Churchill, coastal city along Hudson Bay. Churchill has fascinating history of adventurers and fur traders who fought for this region in the 17 to 1800s. North America’s oldest, still standing military fort will be visited - Prince of Wales Fort.

The highlight of the trip will be a four day stay at Churchill Wild’s Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge at the edge of the Arctic. The remoteness of Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge provides exclusive access to one of the most pristine wilderness areas in the world. Polar bears can sometimes be seen through the lodge window as one sips on a glass of wine. Nanuk Lodge is listed in the prestigious National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World and rated five star on Trip Advisor.

From there, guests will fly back to Winnipeg and London with photographs and memories that will last a lifetime and stories to tell forever to family and friends.