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3 Destinations in Europe you Didn't Know you Want to Visit This Year

Kotor Bay

Discovering new places, getting to know their history, their inhabitants, and the things that make them unique are the most wonderful things a traveler can do. And there are always new places to visit - places that were buried under years of incompetent management and slow development are constantly being uncovered and made available for curious explorers.

Today, we'll shed a bit of light on a handful of these - maybe we'll be able to help you decide where you want to spend at least some of your vacation this year.

oradeaOradea, Romania

If a few years ago, the small town in Western Romania was nowhere near to be found in destination guides, today it keeps being mentioned in an ever-increasing number of publications. The town has undergone a lot of change in the last couple of years, changing its face to appeal to visitors coming to discover its wonders. And it has quite a few wonders for them to discover - the Michelin Travel Guide mentions landmarks like the Unity Square and the buildings that surround it, the city's medieval fort, and its numerous museums as being worthy of a visit. Reaching Oradea has become much simpler in the last couple of months - its airport has been upgraded to serve international airlines, and its position - close to the Western border of Romania - makes it easy to reach by train and by car. It has several hotels with attractive offers, for every budget, ranging from the five-star DoubleTree by Hilton to more affordable options for every budget.

prague bridgeviewPrague, Czech Republic

An interesting fact: Prague is the city with an insatiable taste for gambling: it has at least 20 fully fledged casinos, and gambling machines in a variety of places, like taverns, pubs, and Herna bars (local gambling dens where they serve alcohol, too). If this wouldn't be enough, you can always play the newest online casino games at VegasPalms now, over the internet. The Vegas Palms, just like Prague's Herna bars, is always open, but it's more convenient than any other - you can visit the VegasPalms at any hours of the day without even leaving the house. Gambling aside, Prague is one of the most romantic cities in Europe. Its architectural wonders were mostly unharmed during the Second World War, so they can be admired in their unharmed splendor. The city is filled with an unmatched variety of architectural landmarks, and after the sun goes down, there is always its vivid nightlife to explore.

Durmitor National ParkDurmitor National ParkVarious sites in Montenegro

Montenegro is one of the youngest sovereign states in Europe - it has declared its independence in 2006. It is on its way to becoming a member state of the European Union but it's not quite there yet - this shouldn't stop any travelers from exploring the country's wonders, though. Aside from its spectacular beaches, Montenegro has many other wonders - both natural and man-made - to explore. The Durmitor National Park, for example, has numerous peaks and glacial lakes - it is the perfect spot for skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. For those in love with nature untouched, the Biogradska National Park is the perfect spot to explore - it features untouched wilderness with 26 habitats housing numerous plant, bird, and mammal species, and trees that are often centuries old. Those seeking history and architecture can visit Montenegro's Kotor Bay, with medieval and Venetian-era settlements surrounding the butterfly-shaped bay against a mountainous backdrop.