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Brits look for new things on their summer holidays

A new survey conducted by specialist operator Inghams Lakes & Mountains has revealed that British holidaymakers are trying new experiences on their summer getaway. Of the people surveyed, those living in London proved to be the most adventurous and open to trying new things on their summer holidays.

e biking

two thirds of London participants (66%) saying they are likely to try an out-of-the-ordinary or ‘alternative’ activity whilst on holiday. The survey also found a staggering 76% of respondents believe it is important to research their summer holiday destination before arrival and the 55+ age bracket places the most importance on this.

Of the 2,000+ consumers who took part in the survey, nearly two thirds (over 59%) stated they try something new on holiday which they weren’t expecting to do, and more than half (57%) feel the activities and experiences they have on their summer holiday differ from their expectations. Furthermore, nearly a quarter of travellers (24%) said they’d be motivated to return to a destination if it offered plenty of new activities they hadn’t tried before, while over 30% said they choose a holiday destination based on a specific activity, but end up trying something different once in the destination.

Harvey Gähl, Head of Purchasing for Austria, which is Inghams Lakes & Mountains’ biggest summer programme, said: “Our survey has revealed some really interesting results and it’s great to see there is a real appetite for trying new activities on holiday and enjoying more adventurous experiences. E-biking is a striking example of an alternative experience available to try in many of our resorts, as it encourages people of all abilities and fitness levels to access and enjoy the mountains on two wheels, something which some of our guests may not have expected to do. Our Lakes & Mountains programme offers a wide range of activity holidays packed full of opportunities for our guests to discover whilst in the great outdoors and we have some great-value packages on offer this season with plenty of regional departures available.”

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