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Top Places to go for your Favorite Foods in 2017

Neapolitan pizzaWherever you travel, you are going to eat. In recent years, many travelers select their travel destination according to what the destination offers for foodies. A new study says that almost half (44%) of global travelers consider exploring global cuisines a hobby of theirs. With over half of people (51%) admitting to indulging in a local delicacy within 24 hours of arrival on holiday and seven in ten (69%) within two hours of arrival. Here are the top destinations to explore for your favorite gastronomic pleasures in 2017.

Pizza lovers should head to Naples, Italy, as travelers rank this the best destination for the perfect pizza in their reviews. Celebrated for culinary know-how, Naples offers not only the best pizza but is a Unesco World Heritage Site with impressive archaeological riches to explore before a break for the iconic Neapolitan pizza with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, a slice of heaven!

dim sumFor sensational seafood check out Los Abrigos found on Spanish Canary Island, Tenerife's south coast. The sun soaked coastal village is awash with colorful fishing boats and the charming harbor is the perfect backdrop to enjoy the local shellfish.

Try delectable dim sum in Trang, Thailand. This tranquil hideaway offers secluded beaches and sublime turquoise waters on Thailand's far southern coast. Ahead of a day spent relaxing on the fine white sands or uncovering the lagoons, waterfalls and hidden caves, enjoy a local tradition of dim sum for breakfast alongside some real Thai coffee.

sushi ramenTokyo takes the first place for both sushi and ramen, no surprise as one of the world's most exhilarating dining destinations and the city boasts the world's highest volume of Michelin stars in any city. Beyond savoring these popular specialty dishes there is so much to see and do in this neon-bright lively city.

Travelers can also get a thrill from taking photos of their food and sharing with others.

The nationalities, who are snapping and posting the most photos when it comes fanciful food in reviews, are the artistic English, followed by the tech-savvy Americans and true food aficionados the Italians.

Top 10 nationalities posting the most photos of food in their reviews

  1. English
  2. American
  3. Italian
  4. Russian
  5. Chinese
  6. Spanish
  7. Japanese
  8. German
  9. French
  10. Australian







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